ASOIAF Figures and Miniatures

I personally love ogling figurines/action figures/miniatures related to stuff that I’m a fan of, and George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series is no exception. I often wondered if there were any ASOIAF-related collectibles apart from the trading card game, and I found a few sets.

Valyrian Resin Figures: Ned, Sandor, and Dany

A Song of Ice and Fire Figures by Valyrian Resin: Ned Stark, the Hound, Daenerys Targaryen

These look brilliant…in the pictures, I mean. I don’t know how they look in real life. All three figures have alternate versions too. My only problem with these figures is that the alternate Ned is holding a necklace with a silver hand; that’s wrong canon-wise, given that the hand’s necklace is supposed to be gold with links shaped like hands clasped together.

The Valyrian Resin shop can be accessed here, in case anyone wants to place an order. [EDIT: April 6, 2010] Valyrian Resin is clearing out their remaining stocks of their mini-busts because, according to GRRM, hislicense with Haute Products has now run its course and expired”. He also says that this is “a pity” because Valyrian Resin sculptor Justice Joseph “was working up some great figures” for future release. If you want to get a hold of one of these gorgeous busts, Valyrian Resin is selling the last few pieces discount. You can access their web-store to place an order here.

ASOIAF Miniatures by Dark Sword Miniatures

A Song of Ice and Fire Figures by Dark Sword Miniatures: Loras Tyrell, the Hound, Cersei Lannister, Jaime Lannister, Jon Snow

Dark Sword Miniatures Inc. has a pretty nice collection of ASOIAF miniatures which includes Jon, Dany (her pose is based on Botticelli’s Birth of Venus no less!), Melisandre, Cersei, Jaime, Loras, and Mance. I find it amusing that they also created miniatures for wildlings, Gold Cloaks, and even a Lannister lady-in-waiting.

ASOIAF Miniatures by Testors

A Song of Ice and Fire Figures by Testors: Brann Stark, Hodor, Ned Stark, Sansa Stark, Robb Stark, Theon Greyjoy

Now I have no idea what happened to this. It seems that Testors announced a line of ASOIAF miniatures back in 2005, but an administrator at the Westeros forums announced that the project s dead. It’s such a waste; their prototype miniatures are actually better-looking than Dark Sword’s, plus they had a Theon Greyjoy (my favorite character in the series) prototype too. Tsk.

Anyway, you can find all the pictures of the prototypes/concept art that Testors sent to here.

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