Figure Review: Kasumi Special (Sega Prize)

I just bought myself a Dead or Alive Extra Figure: Kasumi Special feat. Yamashita Shunya figure by Sega. This was originally a UFO catcher/claw machine prize, but I bought it in a local toy shop over the weekend. I’m not a fan of Dead or Alive at all; I actually hate the games, but I still think the girls are pretty. This figure is really nice for a “prize” figure, so I just went ahead and bought it.

This figure features Kasumi in one of her alternate costumes, but another version featuring Kasumi in her signature blue and white costume was also produced.

Kasumi Sega Prize figure

Most of the other prize figures I’ve seen usually have poorly-made faces, but this figure’s face looks pretty good, which was one of the reasons I wanted to buy her in the first place.

Kasumi Sega Prize figure

This figure’s body is really what anyone would come to expect of a DoA girl. Shunya Yamashita’s touch can easily be seen in this figure’s curves. The only problems with this figure are the visible seams here and there, but the overall quality and detailing of the figure balances that out.

I’m not one to complain though; a figure like this is really good for a UFO catcher prize, especially if you live in a country where UFO catchers have ugly/cheap-looking stuffed toys as prizes like I do.

All pictures taken by El. If you want to ogle more nice prize figures and collectibles by Sega, head on over to

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