My Commander Shepard

This is what I don’t like about non-PC console games. It’s so hard to take screenshots to share. 😐 Anyway, I managed to take a picture of my tweaked Fem!Shep from Mass Effect 2 using my phone’s camera. I know I mentioned that I didn’t have to modify her because she was pretty enough, but when I started a new game using the same Shep (Yes, I finished my first playthrough of ME2 a few days after buying it. I have no life.), I made a few adjustments here and there to make her even prettier.

As I said, this shot was taken from my TV set using my phone’s camera, so you’ll have to excuse the feedback lines.

…if you don’t find her pretty, that’s okay; I still think she is. ♥

Just in case anyone’s curious, my Fem!Shep’s name is Jane Shepard (yeah, I’m creative like that), is of mostly of Paragon alignment with just a hint of Renegade, and has a Spacer/War Hero background. She’s currently a level 30 Vanguard who loves crushing her opponents using Heavy Slam. XD Her paramour is, of course, none other than Garrus Vakarian. ♥

My female Commander Shepard

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  1. Oh she’s WAY pretty! Mine always winds up looking like a lesbian lmao. Not that lesbians can’t be pretty, but she’s always butch. |: But with all due respect, no Shepard can be prettier than this guy’s:

    And PS! I thought you and all you lovely Garrus fangirls might appreciate this: a very nice boy on Gamefaqs decided to take screenshots of his game for some sweet wallpaper goodness. Enjoy!×1050.jpg×1050.jpg×1050.jpg×1050.jpg

    1. Thanks! 😀 …I must say, that Shepard you shared really IS the prettiest I’ve seen so far. Much prettier than mine, yezzir. XD

      OMG high-res Garrus screenshots! Using the fourth one as my wallpaper now. Thanks, Kat! ♥

      Oh yeah, sorry if my blog didn’t post your comment right away; it automatically filters out comments with multiple links just in case they’re spam. I have to approve them manually before they appear. It’s annoying sometimes, but it keeps most of the nasty spam away. :p

    1. @Kat: I think that the rest of the turians aren’t hunky simply because they’re not Garrus. We fangirls get biased like that. …or maybe it’s the visor? I think he’s the only turian who has one, LOL. Or maybe it’s those lovely ice blue eyes. OH GARRUS. ♥

  2. I have a tendency to imprint in games, so that once I pick a romance in game, I have a hard time trying the others, even in subsequent playthroughs. In Dragon Age, I imprinted on Alistair. In Mass Effect 2, I appear to have imprinted on Garrus, which was a total surprise to me. I didn’t get that vibe from him in Mass Effect, but in the second one, his new Batman / Archangel persona, and the new asskickery just totally worked for me in a huge way. Plus his sense of humor? Made of win.

    However, I did wish that he said something about his feelings, even once, maybe after you beat the game? I was a little disappointed that all you get is the one line about respect. I was hoping for something in the after-the-suicide-mission dialogue, but he was still talking about figuring out how to do it (after you’ve apparently already worked that part out.) But that was my one dark spot in a really fun, and delightfully surprising romance. I was really pleased they made him an option because I thought it made the romance feel deeper. After all, you were close comrades before, and he’s one who chooses to come with you, regardless that you’re working with Cerberus. He trusts you that much. I find that hugely attractive.

    1. Ah, Alistair! Everyone’s huggable ex-Templar. I adore Alistair, but Zevran was lovable too. ♥

      I, too, was disappointed about Garrus not discussing his feelings at the end of the game. This actually lead to speculation among ME2 players (on 4chan) that Garrus doesn’t really “love” Shepard, and that makes me sad. D:

      And I agree, the fact that Garrus is an old comrade makes the romance even more meaningful. I think that he may be the only squad member (apart from Tali) that my Shepard really trusts, and that makes it all the more sensible to romance him!

  3. Hey !
    I like your fem.Shepard, she’s cute.
    I’m a big fan of Mass Effect too (and Garrus too, lol) living in Switzerland (sorry for english errors).

    It’s because of your blog I’ve learned that Garrus was a romance option. I was at work and then, found videos on your blog, I just jumped out of my chair. You can imagine the reaction ! Lol.

    By the way, really like your posts.
    May I introduce my Shepard to you really big Garrus fans ? :p

    Her name is Dane. Very frenchy. I try to make her in a way she could look like me. Quite difficult. And – of course – she’s with Garrus.

    Then, I was quite disappointing after the “final” sequence with our international Garrus.
    This romance is a bit unfinished, comparing to Tali or others… seriously…head touching ? My heart was beating like hell when I saw this…it was beautiful. But the relationship is treated like a “sexual intercourse between turian and human” according to Garrus point of view (he said something like this). No deeper feelings ? A bit disappointing. I hope it will be more romance with Garrus in ME3.

    1. Hi Myhera! Don’t worry, you aren’t the only one who jumped out of her chair when she heard about Garrus being a romance option. :p

      Thanks, I’m glad you like my posts! And hello there, Dane! I’ve never used blonde hair for a Fem!Shep before because I never thought it looked good, but it works with yours very well! 🙂

      Hmm… I found the head touching and those last few seconds where Garrus places his hand on Shepard’s shoulder to be really sweet and surprisingly tender for a badass like Garrus. Personally, I didn’t feel the need to see anything more explicit than that. 🙂

      For the most part, yes, I agree that the Garrus romance was placing too much emphasis on the cross-species sex. That kind of disappointed me at first, but then in the final scene… that part where he says that he wants something to go right “just once”? I thought that was a great expression of how much Garrus needed that one moment with Shepard – not just for sex, but for the general comfort of being with someone who really cares about him. ♥

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