World of Lordcraft Sets a New Standard for Copycats

[EDIT: Okay, so I’m a moron for not noticing that Kotaku actually posted about this already. Fine, maybe I was too hasty in passing judgement, and maybe the creators of World of Lordcraft intended for it to be a fan tribute to an awesome game. But taking elements from that game and bastardizing it like this is not the proper way to go about it.

And they still slapped Paine’s face onto a whore’s body for an ad. That’s just STUPID.]

The World of Lordcraft sign up screen
World of Lordcraft? WTF.

World of Lordcraft? COME THE FUCK ON. There are so many fucking aspects of this game that were ripped off from WoW that I don’t think I can cover them all in one post. Let me just give you a run-down of what I spotted:

  1. They have an ad that has sprites that are ripped off from Warcraft RTS games. [Proof: Exhibit A and Exhibit B]
  2. They have two factions called the Horde and the Alliance. [Proof: Exhibit C]
  3. Their races are all pretty much the same as WoW (right down to the Naga who were “originally a branch of elf race”, LOL), only they turned female gnomes into female dwarves. And they have uglier renders. [Proof: Exhibit D and Exhibit E]
  4. Their map includes places like Stranglethorn Vale, Moonglade, Dragonblight, and The Barrens. [Proof: Exhibit F and Exhibit… bah, just try searching those area names in WoWWiki and see how that turns out.]

There’s a lot more where that came from, I’m sure.

How did I find out about this lame-ass ripoff of a browser game? Because of their ad that popped up on WoWHead. Which, by the way, they probably ripped off from the ever-popular Evony skank ads, complete with the “Start your journey now, My Lord” tagline.

World of Lordcraft's Evony-like banner ad with Paine in it

Have any of you Final Fantasy players noticed anything yet? No? Here, let me spell it out for you:

A comparison of a World of Lordcraft ad and the original artwork for Paine from FFX-2

To you idiots who developed this retarded browser game (as if we didn’t have enough already): I hope Blizzard AND Square-Enix sue your fucking plagiarist asses off. Can you imagine, getting sued by two of the most successful companies in the gaming industry? That would be epic.

UPDATE: In 2011, Blizzard took legal action against World of Lordcraft, and the domain now redirects to a page on the Blizzard website that says:

wol blizzard takedown
Good riddance.


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  1. Oh my gosh. I love you.

    I saw this ad on WoWHead as well, and couldn’t believe my eyes. I screenshotted it. How dare they.

    1. We seriously need more screenshots and posts about this shit. No one should be allowed to get away with such blatant plagiarism!

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