How to Make Princess Maker 2 Work with Sounds

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I suddenly missed playing Gainax‘s Princess Maker 2 today, so I downloaded it again and started playing. I really love this game, and I honestly never get tired of it, but the only thing that bothered me about it was that I never managed to get it to work with sound… until a few moments ago. Here’s how to get PM2 to work on your computer with sounds.

[NOTE: I’m using Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2 with the Realtek High Definition Audio driver/codec installed. I’m not really sure if this will work on other operating systems/audio drivers.]

Step One: Get the game

The first thing to do, of course, would be to get a copy of the game. I downloaded my copy of Princess Maker 2 from Abandonia.

Step Two: Get DOSBox

Though you can run PM2 by itself, you’re going to need DOSBox to make it work with sound. You can download DOSBox from the DOSBox website.

Step Three: Extract the game

Open up the “Princess Maker 2” zip file and extract the entire “pm2” folder. I recommend putting the folder straight into drive C (meaning the folder’s location should be C:pm2).

Step Four: Tweak the sound settings

Open up the “pm2” folder and run the DOSINST.EXE file. When you do, you’ll see this screen:

Princess Maker 2 configuration for sound

From there, select “Change setup options”, then in the next screen, choose “Change sound driver”. There are five options there: Sound Blaster, MIDI (MT-32), GENERAL MIDI (GM), MIDI + Sound Blaster, and GM + Sound Blaster. I don’t have any Sound Blaster software/hardware installed, so I chose MIDI (MT-32). Once you’ve selected your sound driver, select “Quit” to exit DOSINST.EXE.

Step Five: Run the game in DOSBox

Run DOSBOX and type in the following commands (assuming that you took my advice and put the “pm2” folder in C:):

  • mount c c:pm2 – You should see the message “Drive C is mounted as local directory c:pm2” right after you type this.
  • c:  – The “Z:” text should change into “C:” after you type this.
  • pm2 – The game should start loading after you type this.

If you placed the “pm2” folder elsewhere, you have to type that location instead of “c:pm2” in the first command.

And there you have it. The game will take a little longer to load using this method, but at least you’ll be able to play it with sounds!

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  1. You’re a lifesaver;

    And for anyone who happens to be using Vista and is unable to load DOSINST.EXE directly, you can run load that program using DOSBOX to modify the settings.

      1. El, do you know how to play in fullscreen with music? (with Dosbox) because I want to play in big screen (sorry for my english)

        1. Oh shoot, I uninstalled the game from my PC ages ago, so I’m not sure. I’ll post another reply if I find a solution later on. 🙂

  2. Thanks so much for posting this. I wasn’t having sounds issues, but I used this same method to fix the game display — it was blown up way to big on my laptop! I really appreciate you posting this step by step resolution. ^_^

  3. Small problem: using windows 7, I can’t get the game to run at all. @.@

    How do I run the game using dosbox?

  4. A few notes:

    If for some reason you can’t get DOSINST.EXE to load either directly or through DOSBox, look for a file called PM2WINST.EXE in your pm2 directory. It does the same thing as DOSINST.EXE, but it is a windows program.

    Instead of MIDI (MT-32), you might want to try GENERAL MIDI (GM) instead, it sounds a lot better (on my computer, at least).

  5. You should have chosen GM + SoundBlaster. DosBox is an emulator, which means it emulates all the hardware you need, within itself. Just choose Soundblaster options in any DOS games you’re running through DosBox and it will work.

    DosBox can be configured to emulate all kinds of old hardware, including a variety of old sound cards such as the Gravis Ultrasound and Disney Sound Source – but you only need to do that if the game requires it. Most games work best with General MIDI and Sound Blaster selected in their options.

  6. Seems not to be working with Windows 7. I can’t run either DOSINST.exe or PMS2WINST.exe as they’re both not compatible with 7. I’ve tried to troubleshoot the compatibility of both files but they won’t run when troubleshooting prompts me to start the program and saving the changes and trying to run them from the pm2 folder gives me the same “not compatible” error message from when I started. What a shame, this has always been one of my favorite games.

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