Lightning Legend: Daigo no Daibouken

Lightning Legend: Daigo no Daibouken coverOh my god, this game brings me waaaaaaaaay back.

When I was a kid, I never really had my own gaming console. Well, I had my Sega Mega Drive 2, which was pretty much obsolete at the time since everyone I knew already had a Playstation.  Most of my PS gaming was done on my friends’ or relatives’ consoles.

Lightning Legend was one of my favorites back then. Two of my cousins (first degree, once removed; both girls) and I would play this for hours on end, roleplay the characters in it, drool over Forelock Terrific (yes, seriously, that’s his name) or Adolf Rätsel (erm… my cousin’s tastes were rather “interesting” at the time), and unlock every secret there was in the freaking game. Bonus characters, items, costumes… you name it, we unlocked it.

This wasn’t even one of the most popular fighting games ever; we were playing it around the time when Soul Edge and Tekken 2 were gaining fame. A cheaply animated game that had pixel art cutscenes like Lightning Legend never really stood a chance.

I’m disappointed that it never really got any attention from the local gaming community; it seems only my cousins and I got around to playing it among my circle of gaming friends.

I never actually figured out why we loved this game so much. Maybe it was because the opening theme was catchy. Or because there were lots of hidden characters and items/bonus things to unlock. Or because the controls were relatively easy. Or because we found the artwork/characters to be really cute. Whatever it was, I remember absolutely enjoying this game, and would love to play it again if I could.

Maybe I could get it to work on my PSP somehow… HMMMMMMM.

[Special thanks go out to kiyoumi4649, who was awesome enough to upload those Lightning Legend videos I linked to above on YouTube!]

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