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Earning enough Ribbons to buy all those nifty dress-up items at PoupeeGirl without resorting to paying real money for them may seem like a huge challenge, but it’s not so bad if you make use of all the Ribbon-earning activities in the game. To help you do that, I’ve provided a guide on how to earn Ribbons in PoupeeGirl.

Logging in *updated*

Simply logging in once a day will earn you 25 Ribbons per day. PoupeeGirl currently has a promo that doubles that amount, giving you 20 Ribbons per first daily log-in.

“Hot Words” search

PoupeeGirl hot words Ribbons

Beneath Poupee Girl‘s Yahoo search box, are links to searches using “hot words”. If you click on three different “hot words” per day for three days, you will receive 30 ribbons as a reward. Whenever you complete the three clicks, one of the three little flower silhouettes near the search box will become colored-in. Once you’ve completed the three days, the hot word search count will reset.

Post fashion items

One of the key aspects of PoupeeGirl is showing off your own fashion sense by posting photos of your own clothes and accessories. Posting an item will earn you a random amount of Ribbons, but the number of ribbons you receive tends to decrease if you post a lot of photos one after another, so don’t spam! You can only post up to five items per day.

Saving dress-up snapshots *updated*

PoupeeGirl dress up Ribbons

Dressing your poupee up and saving a snapshot once per day will also earn you 25 ribbons. You don’t actually have to change your poupee‘s outfit; just click on “Save as Snapshots” without changing your poupee‘s outfit, and it will count as a snapshot for that day.

PoupeeGirl perfect attendance Ribbons

If your poupee gets a “Perfect Attendance” on her calendar (i.e. you save a snapshot once per day for the entire month), you will get 500 bonus ribbons!

Comments *updated*

PoupeeGirl comment Ribbons

Commenting on other poupee‘s posted fashion items will earn you some ribbons as well. Normally you will earn 5 ribbons when you post a comment, but you’ll earn 10 if you comment on a poupee that you’ve added as a friend. You won’t be able to spam this though, as there’s an anti-spam timer implemented; after posting a comment, you have to wait around a minute before posting another.

You will also receive 2 Ribbons if someone comments on one of your posted fashion items.

Selling stuff at the Poupee Market

Selling dress-up items at the Poupee Market can also earn you lots of Ribbons if you go about it the right way. If you find that selling items in the Market seems a bit too hard, I posted some tips about selling items in the Poupee Market to help you out.

I find that collecting Shells actually helps me acquire more items to sell at the Market. I’ll discuss that in a separate post later on.

Lesson Book

PoupeeGirl Lesson Book Ribbons

One of the newer ways (as of July 2010) to earn Ribbons is by completing the lessons in the “Lesson Book”. You can access it by clicking on the musical note symbol at the top-right portion of your page.

PoupeeGirl Lesson Book 2 Ribbons

The “Lesson Book” is essentially a list of basic tasks that, if performed, will reward you with 10 Ribbons each. These tasks are divided into two groups:

Simple Lessons I

  • First Login – Simply login to PoupeeGirl for the first time. If you’re already a long-time PoupeeGirl player, all you have to do to complete this task is logout, and then login again.
  • Let’s dress up your Poupee! – Save a dress-up snapshot.
  • Let’s click the “Suteki” button of other Poupee! – Give another Poupee a Suteki for her outfit. To do this, go to that Poupee’s profile and click the “Suteki for poupee” button or view “Today’s poupee collection and give someone a Suteki from there.
  • Let’s click “Suteki” on the photo of another poupee’s clothes! – Self-explanatory no matter how bad the Engrish is.
  • Let’s post your comment for other poupee’s photo! – Same as above.

Simple Lessons II

  • Let’s post photo of your favorite clothes! – Upload a photo of a fashion item.
  • Add your favorite brand! – Go to your “MyHome” page and click on “Set brands” under the “Latest clothes of favorite brand”. From there, click on the “Add Favorite Brand” button and use the search box that appears in the next page to search for your favorite brand. Once you find it, brand name and select “Add”.
  • Add someone to your favorite! – Visit another Poupee’s page and click on the “Add to Favorite” button.
  • Go shopping to the Katharine shop – Buy something from Katherine’s Shop! To go to the shop, click on “Community” and find Katharine’s Shop in the Poupee Town map.
  • Play Piyo Catcher! – Play a round of Piyo Catcher. You can do this by clicking on the “Catcher” button in your Home.

Completing all five tasks in a Simple Lesson will earn you a bonus of 100 Ribbons in addition to the 10 Ribbons you get for completing each task. In total, completing the available tasks gives you a total of 300 Ribbons! There’s a second “volume” of tasks (another 10 tasks, by the look of the placeholder), but they’re unavailable at the moment.

The above tips have ensured that I have at least 400 ribbons set aside per month. Not bad, especially since I’m not really a hardcore PoupeeGirl player; I haven’t posted a new “fashion item” in a few months, I rarely ever comment on other people’s posted items, and I often forget to save a snapshot once per day.

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  1. help! the hot words thing didnt work! and i have a very poor poupee, i have only 21 ribbons and 0 jewels.

    1. That’s odd; I just tried it and it worked just fine for me. Did you click on 3 different “hot words” per day for three days?

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