“I Died! /ragequit!” – Tanks

Queuing up for a random dungeon using the Dungeon Finder in World of Warcraft can take a looooooong time, especially if you’re not in a pre-made party with a tank in it. When I queue up with a tank in my party, we get into a dungeon almost instantly. When I queue by myself, or with a healer, or with a fellow DPS, it takes forever.

It’s even more frustrating when you wind up grouped with a tank who can’t hold his aggro, or ragequits the moment he dies. I ran into a couple of those while running some of the Frozen Halls 5-mans. It was irritating to say the least.

Fine, maybe my opinion doesn’t really matter here, since I’ve never used a tank before. According to some of the tanks I’ve spoken to, however, Frozen Halls isn’t that hard to tank. So what was up with these tanks?

Forge of Souls – A Fail!Tank Bitches Out

World of Warcraft chat, where a tank fails at Forge of Souls
“good luck fags”, quoth she.

So we were in Forge of Souls, and we had a bit of a problem with Bronjahm: our boomkin druid was targeted for Corrupt Soul, and he didn’t move away when the Corrupted Soul Fragment spawned. The tank didn’t move either. So I just yelled out a simple “Don’t let the orbs reach him, lol,” just in case the druid was unfamiliar with the fight… but then the tank suddenly mouths off at him. I forgot what she said, but it was something along the lines of  “Move, you stupid-ass boomkin!” The boomkin, of course, responded by throwing back a similar insult. I just shook my head at the two of them as they continued to bash one another, and just typed an exasperated “let’s just do this” message. They eventually shut up, and that was the end of that.

Or so I thought.

When we were rushing up to face the Devourer of Souls, our lovely tank said “good luck fags” and promptly teleported out of the dungeon. I was far away enough to not pull aggro from the boss and run back into the corridor, but my partymates weren’t as lucky.

Sure, it might have been the boomkin’s fault that he didn’t back up when he Corrupt Soul was on him. But the tank should have been moving Bronjahm to give us DPS enough time to kite the Fragment down. And even though Bronjahm got a hold of two fragments, we still managed to down him anyway. It wasn’t so bad. Why ragequit over something that didn’t cause a wipe, and was partly your fault?

Oh, and I forgot to mention this: that tank couldn’t even hold her damn aggro despite the fact that I was Misdirecting to her like mad and that the boomkin was watching his threat.

Halls of Reflection – Tanks DO NOT WANT

Our World of Warcraft party has trouble getting a decent tank in Hall of Reflections

I got Halls of Reflection as my random dungeon yesterday. During our first shot at the first few waves of Falric‘s trash mobs, our healer and our tank died. Then the other two DPS died. So I Feigned Death and waited for everyone to rez. One DPS rezzed, then left the party. The tank left the party before even getting back to his corpse.

We had to wait for a long while to get any tanks into the party. Around four tanks entered and left immediately without explanation whatsoever, which prompted our druid healer to say “areu [sic] kidding me lol”.

To be fair, the DPS players were also leaving almost as fast as the tanks were, though some stuck around for a while and then left when no tank showed up. I guess the tricky positioning and aggro management in Halls of Reflection were scaring them away. Or maybe they took the corpse of the tank as a warning sign that we (the tree, the warrior, and I) were a trio of failures.

I doubt it was entirely our fault though. We did pretty well when we finally managed to get a tank and a new DPS. We cleared the dungeon pretty fast.

So… yeah. Tanks who bail while pulling, tanks who can’t hold aggro even when the DPS are already being mindful of their threat, and tanks who just go hi-bye when we’ve been waiting a long while for a tank… they’re annoying. I’m prone to huntard mistakes in 5-mans sometimes, but at least I don’t deny it, nor do I blame someone else when it really is my fault.

…and I haven’t /ragequit over something like someone failing to handle Bronjahm’s Soul Fragments properly, or because of just one wipe.

3 thoughts

  1. For FoS it’s the tank’s job to kite Bronjahm around. DPS can help by moving away but it’s more of the tank’s job, especially since the said dps was a boomkin the tank had no excuse to not kite it. Bad tank is bad.

    I’ll be more forgiving for Halls of Reflection. It IS THE hardest 5-man out there right now, and when it first came out even Tabs and I had trouble clearing the last 7-9 waves of trash, and you know how I tank and how Tabs heals.

    Hopefully I’m on when you need a tank next time lol.

    1. And the bad tank had the balls to bash the boomkin and ragequit! What an effing asshat.

      Yeah, fine, I guess the tanks who left HoR lickety-split weren’t so bad. It was just… amazing how many didn’t want to tank it, haha.

      Yeah, hopefully. None of our tanks are online when I try to run RDs… well, not 100% of the time, but for the most part, yeah. -_-

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