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A Retribution paladin and his Righteous Behind began their journey

World of Warcraft blood elf paladin dancing
My blood elf paladin’s ass says hello.

Lately, all I’ve been doing in World of Warcraft is grinding my Netherwing reputation to Exalted so I can get a Netherwing drake mount or two. Or six.

Anyway, having to do those stupid dailies (seriously, 35 Nethermine Flayer Hides per day at a below 40% skinning rate? WTF Blizz?), things were getting really boring, so I thought I’d level my paladin alt.

That’s him and his smexy ass over there. —->

I’ve never been fond of melee classes, but I’m enjoying being a paladin. Probably because BEs are fun, and I’m still amused by the fact that my pally is able able to survive getting mobbed and heal himself. Yeah, yeah, pretty much a given with a paladin, but you’ll have to forgive me for my shallowness; the last time I used a tank-healer was when I was playing as a Crusader in a Ragnarok Online private server, and that was a long, long time ago.

I bought my pally some Heirloom items to speed up his leveling. I know I already spent Emblems for Heirlooms on my warlock, but bah. I’ll probably level my pally up to around my lock’s level and then decide who I’ll be grinding all the way up to 80.

Advertisement: WTB Tank to run Forge of Souls

I got the Battered Hilt quest item in World of Warcraft!

A Battered Hilt finally dropped for my hunter. I wasn’t actually even looking for it anymore; I just wanted to get my Random Dungeon to be over with. Then one of Falric’s trash mobs dropped it. It was the first time I ever saw the damn thing drop, so I was thinking I wouldn’t even win the roll… but I did. Quel’Delar, here I come!

…one problem though: I’m stuck because I can’t get into Forge of Souls for one part of the quest chain. Oh, wait – I do get into Forge of Souls (like once in five hours worth of queuing), but for some reason, the tanks always leave or go offline. I’m used to tanks leaving Halls of Reflection because it’s a pretty tough dungeon for them, but Forge of Souls? Seriously?

I wasn’t the only one having trouble – there was one guy on the Trade channel saying “LF tank for FoS, will pay 35g.” Yes, the tank shortage is apparently so bad that we have to resort to bribing them.

Tank annoyances aside, I guess I’ll just have to be patient and queue up this week so I can continue the quest line. Being the lorenerd that I am, I’m actually excited about just doing the quests. My hunter is a blood elf, so acquiring Quel’Delar is a bit more meaningful than it would be had I been of another race. Quel’Delar belongs to the blood elves, and it would be an honor for my hunter to reclaim it for her people…

…well, that, and Quel’Delar, Ferocity of the Scorned has nicer stats compared to my Orca Hunter’s Harpoon. Heh.

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  1. Grats on the Battered Hilt! I dunno, on the Emberstorm Battlegroup it doesn’t seem so bad, its more often just about 20-40 minutes of waiting on 80.

    Its sad that on some Battlegroups tanks are bribed to get into groups then drop group shortly afterward, because they were bribed to be in the group to jump the queue. -_-

    Its the reason of the tank shortage that I’m attempting on tanking myself and it just confuses the hell out of me when people have been waiting ages for a tank and when they get a baby tank they drop group because I’m not going fast enough. -What-?

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