PvP = Solution to Boredom

World of Warcraft blood elf hunter in PvP gear
Wow, my hunter has Resilience!

During last week’s long weekend (courtesy of Labor Day), I was getting a bit bored with WoW. Same old dailies, same old questing to work my way to the Loremaster achievement, same old random dungeons… I don’t do much raiding these days, primarily because my latency/disconnection problems would make me a deadweight in Icecrown Citadel, plus I did say I wouldn’t be focusing on raiding much anyway. PvP was the one thing that I never really got into (and the one thing I royally suck at) in WoW … so I decided to give it a shot.

I bought my first ever PvP set (just the Deadly Gladiator’s Pursuit set, nothing uber fancy), enchanted/gemmed my new gear, optimized my BM spec for PvP, and tamed myself a pet crab (specifically Kili’ua) at my guildmates’ recommendation. I named my crab “Acubens” after the star in the Cancer constellation because I’m corny like that.

When I got that all fixed up, I hopped into a random BG. It turned out to be an ongoing round of Isle of Conquest, where the Horde was at a horrible disadvantage. I didn’t have much chance to test out my new PvP stuff since I was getting mobbed by five to six Alliance players at a time. I did notice a drastic change in my survival rate though, thanks in no small part to the Resilience packed into my new gear.

I requeued and wound up in a fresh round of Eye of the Storm. Since it’s Children’s Week, I called out my orphan and made for the flag straightaway after making sure that there were already enough people capping the Draenei and Blood Elf towers.

Normally, BGs are an annoying chore for me. This time, though, it was fun. Our druids were sending Alliance players flying off the platform, while we took turns grabbing flags. I got to do mine really quick.

I managed to land a ton of killing blows, but I think the most epic was when I wasted a paladin by myself. It all happened really fast so I don’t remember every detail… but I remember using Concussive Shot, then Acubens nailed him when the cooldown on Pin was up, I pew-pewed a lot, I used Intimidation, and I pew-pewed some more. Next thing I knew, the pally was down. It could be that he wasn’t in PvP gear or anything, but still. It was the first time I’ve ever beaten an Alliance player all by myself. I was happy.

Somehow we didn’t even win that round of EotS. I guess people were too busy capping flags at one tower to notice that…well, we only had ONE TOWER. That, and there was this crazy-ass Alliance warlock who completely owned anyone he came across within a matter of seconds (people were saying that his gear was uber, and that may have been why he was slaughtering us).

I’ve been to a couple of more BGs over the past few days, and though no experience has really trumped that first victory over a hapless Alliance paladin thus far, I found myself enjoying BGs more than I used to. I guess I was just sour-graping over PvP before, because I kept dying and there were a crapload of Alliance jerks who would dance on top of my corpse or /lol at me, or camp me at graveyards. Now that I’m better-equipped for PvP, everything just became so much easier and far more enjoyable.

I’m not vying for Arena though… not yet, at least. Maybe I’ll try it the next time I get bored.

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