Garrus Fanart (Again): Aris Ravenstar’s “The Calm”

A few months ago, I posted a couple of Garrus fanart that I found around the net. One of them is this beauty of a sketch, which I found on 4chan:

Garrus and Shepard by Aris Ravenstar
Garrus and Shepard by Aris Ravenstar

As anyone who’s ever been on 4chan knows, the images posted there are often unsourced. I was left wondering who the heck was behind the piece, and hoped that someone who knew would come along and enlighten me. No one did.

Eventually, I shared a link to the Garrus fanart post on Brandon Keener’s Facebook Wall. Someone found the link, and recognized this unsourced piece. It was none other than the artist herself: Aris Ravenstar. She informed me that this is a work-in-progress that she originally posted on the BioWare Social forums.

And earlier today, she provided me with a link to the finished piece. IT BLEW ME AWAY.

The Calm - Garrus and Commander Shepard fanart by Aris Ravenstar
“Take that last chance to find some calm just before the storm.” – Garrus Vakarian

Correction: it still blows me away. The details in this piece are amazing. Have a look at “The Calm – Details” to get a closer look.

(Aris, I know I said I’d probably replace the WIP image with this finished version, but the sheer awesomeness of this piece deserves its own post. I can still take the WIP version down if you like, of course, but this separate post is staying.)

If you’ve become just a big a fangirl of Aris Ravenstar’s artwork as I have, visit her at She just opened it today, but I’m definitely looking forward to seeing more of her work! šŸ˜€

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  1. Ooh, thank you for posting this! I’d seen incomplete versions of it floating around the internet, but I had no idea she’d finished it. It really is a breathtaking piece of work!

    I also just have to say that I love reading your thoughts on Garrus. I’ve been fangirling him hardcore ever since I first got ME 1 back in 2007, and it’s always fun to read posts by other xenophiles! šŸ˜‰

    1. Don’t thank me, thank Aris for finishing it and for informing me when she uploaded it! šŸ˜€ And you’re not kidding about it being breathtaking. I get goosebumps when I look at it. XD

      And here I am, thinking that people are probably sick of and/or weirded out by my Garrus fangirlisms, hahaha! It’s always nice to hear words of encouragement from a fellow fangirl! šŸ˜‰

      1. Like I read once before – Garrus is a stone-cold badass. Personally, I don’t think you devote enough of this blog to Garrus/Mass Effect/BioWare.

  2. It might just be my personal preference for rough sketches, but I sorta like the WIP image best. Just a personal preference, both are really grand.

    Garrus would totally have been my Shepard’s bunk buddy in ME1, but right now in my ME2 playthrough – I’m about halfway done, no spoilers! – Garrus is coming across as a bit too much Knight Templar for my tastes. Also, his voice seems a little sadder, subdued, and distant, but that could just be me reading into it too much.

    That said, he wins major points for saying “Just like old times, Commander.” as soon as we reunited.

    1. Aha, I have a preference for rough sketches too…probably because I rarely ever get MY own drawings past the sketchy stages…anyway, I think both versions of Aris’ piece are brilliant regardless. šŸ˜‰

      All your observations about Garrus are spot on. There’s a pretty heavy reason behind those things, though. Don’t worry, I won’t spoil you. Just keep playing and see for yourself. :p

      1. Like I said, I wanted my femShep to get with Garrus in the first game. And I really suspect that once I get to know the ‘two years gone’ Garrus, I’ll go back to liking him.

        That said, Thane is starting to give him some serious competition.

        1. THANE? Compete with GARRUS? Hahahahahahahahahahaha.

          Sorry, Thane (for me) was just…”meh”, for the lack of a better term. Boring, too full of drama…and he was kinda creepy sometimes. He’s sort of popular among ME2 fangirls, though…but not as popular as Garrus. :p

          1. At the point I am in my game, I just got Thane, so he’s all cool and mysterious. Meanwhile, Garrus is the same as the first game (good), but with more baggage (bad). But we’ll see.

          2. Ahahahaha. If you think Garrus has “baggage”, wait ’til you find out more about Thane. I think he’s one of the most baggage-laden character in that game (everyone has baggage, his is just…wow), which is why I didn’t warm up to him. :p

      1. ah, you win again, El! I just saw a tweet about it today; I was under the mistaken impression it was new. Shoulda looked at the date. -_-;

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