Fenris Fanart

It has recently come to my attention that there has not been enough squeeing going on in this blog. Being a fangirl blog, this is a serious issue that needs to be remedied swiftly.

So here we are with a post about my current obsession: Fenris from Dragon Age II.

Please note that I am not obsessed with the game – just with Fenris.  The game is half-baked compared to the original Dragon Age: Origins; the textures were simplified/cartoony, there were recycled environments (ever notice how every damned cave you enter in-game looks exactly the same?), and the storyline seemed weak. The only reason I keep playing it over and over it is because Fenris is a sexy, sexy beast with a sexy, sexy voice (thank you, Gideon Emery).

Fenris Sneering by splintter
Fenris as he is illustrated by splintter, the animator responsible for his in-game facial expressions

I’ve always had a thing for fictional men who have sexy voices,  angst-ridden backstories, pretty eyes, and a barbed sort of wit/humor. Fenris fits the bill perfectly. And it helps that he doesn’t look half bad for an elf in DAII, considering that their revamped facial structures (huge sparkly eyes, nose bridges fused with their brows) make them look like aliens.

Please join me in ogling the gorgeous pieces of Fenris (and Fenris/Fem!Hawke) fanart that have been popping up on deviantArt:

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