Random Mass Effect 3 Related Squeeing

Mass Effect 3 screenshot: Kaidan Alenko, Commander Shepard, and Liara

Some of these news tidbits are old, some of them new… but anyway, here are my reactions to a bunch of things related to Mass Effect 3.

  • Shepard starts out on Earth. I’ve wanted to visit Earth since the first game, so I’m excited about that.
  • Boring Biotic Kaidan and Racist Woman With Stick Up Ass Ashley are back as squadmates in Mass Effect 3. I am disappointed , but hope I can get them killed again like in the first Mass Effect.
  • Liara is back. I never cared about her, but I never hated her either… so, whatever.
  • Tali has been confirmed as a squadmate in Mass Effect 3. Hooray for Tali!
  • Garrus has been confirmed as a squadmate in Mass Effect 3. YEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! THANK YOU  BIOWARE, THANK YOU.
  • Is that a KROGAN husk?! Crap.
  • Mass Effect 3 release date has been pushed from Holiday 2011 to early 2012. I’m not unhappy with this at all, seeing as how not giving game developers enough time to polish a game turns out *cough-lookatwhathappenedtoDragonAgeII-cough*.
  • There will be a smaller selection of squadmates compared to Mass Effect 2. As long as Garrus and Tali are in there, I’m not complaining.
  • “[Gameplay] difficulty will be increased.” Shit. “Melee plays a larger role…” Double shit. I love the game, but I never said I was really any good at it! Making it more difficult is just…argh. I may need to practice playing Mass Effect 2 at higher levels of difficulty then. 😐
  • Palaven (Turian homeworld) will be in the game. And by in the game we mean it’s a place that Shepard and the squad can visit, not just something Garrus or any other turian mentions off-hand. The quarian, salarian, and asari homeworlds will be new in-game locations as well. Woot!

After I was let down by Dragon Age II, I’m really, really hoping that Mass Effect 3 will be just as great (or even greater than) the other two titles in the trilogy. Please let it be so, BioWare!

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  1. I’ll be really disappointed if I don’t get Thane as a sqadmate. Not only because I romanced him in almost all my playthroughs, but because I think he is quite the compelling character.

    Increased difficulty makes me nervous. I know, it is necessary, because bla-bla-bla heroic feeling, but… I hate being at the mercy of my weakening reflexes.

    1. Hmm…frankly, I never cared much for Thane – too much emotional baggage for me to lug around. There are a lot of other Thane fangirls out there who like him though, so I hope for all your sakes that he’ll be back as a squadmate – or at least be back ALIVE – in ME3. I’m a bit worried about that illness he has.

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