SoulCalibur V Character Art

These pieces of SoulCalibur V artwork were posted on the official SoulCalibur Facebook page a few days ago, but I can’t help but post about them here:

Soul Calibur V Character Art: Patroklos

The character illustrated above is Sophitia’s son, Patroklos, who is one of the new characters and the main hero¬†in Soul Calibur V. He also appears briefly in the SoulCalibur V teaser trailer. Man, these kids grow up so fast! In the previous installment he was only…what, seven? Or was it two? I keep forgetting if he’s older than Pyrrha or not. ūüėź SoulCalibur V is set seventeen years after the previous game, so Patroklos is either 24 or 19 here.

Soul Calibur V Character Art: Siegfried

This is Siegfried. The main object of my fangirl affections for this series, and a¬†character¬†that anyone who’s ever played any Soul game should recognize.¬†Seeing him in badass¬†black armor is a nice change from the sparkly armor he¬†wore in Soul Calibur IV. And damn, the man looks good at 40.

Oh, and the Facebook page also contains this rough sketch of characters that was used to state that the game is coming out on both the PS3 and Xbox 360:

Soul Calibur V Characters

Wait, who are these characters? I’m pretty sure the guy on the left is Siegfried – just compare this sketch with the Siegfried artwork above and I’m sure you’ll agree.

About the three characters in the background there, they look awfully familiar…

Soul Calibur Siegfried with Schwarzwind

OH MY GOD. Those look like three members of Schwarzwind (the dudes on the left), the group of thieves Sieg joined as a teenager!

Okay, so now that leaves girl in the middle. At first glance I figured it was Cassandra, but there have been a lot of other speculations, including: Sophitia, Hilde, Amy (not possible because Amy doesn’t age…unless they did a major redesign), and Ivy’s daughter (wat). Another speculation is that she’s Salia¬†Olschmidt, another member of Schwarzwind. You can see her in this image from Soul Calibur (she’s the one on the right, next to Siegfried):

Soul Calibur: Siegfried with Schwarzwind

It would make a lot of sense that Salia would be included in an image with Siegfried and the rest of the Schwarzwind members…but why were they drawn there? Are they going to reunite with Siegfried somehow? Is Siegfried reminiscing about his past? I NEED ANSWERS, AND I NEED THEM NOW!!

…seriously though, that’s enough speculation for tonight. Damn you, Namco Bandai, for getting me all hyped for a game that isn’t even coming out until next year!

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