Soul Calibur V Gameplay Trailer

The first gameplay trailer for SoulCalibur V is out!

I noticed a couple of notable things in the trailer:

  • The swords have FACES now. As if Soul Edge having a huge eye on it wasn’t bad enough.
  • Patroklos’ voice sounds familiar. Yuri Lowenthal, is that you?
  • I’m guessing that girl who looks almost exactly like Cassandra is Pyrrha, Patroklos’ sister.
  • Is it just me, or does Patroklos seem…a bit dark? The way he said “Goodbye, Mother” with the glowy eyes at the end was kind of scary.
  • I saw the first trailer and remembered that Sophitia was protecting Soul Edge because a shard was embedded in her daughter (Pyrrha), I thought that maybe Patroklos would wield Soul Calibur, while Pyrrha would wield Soul Edge. If Pyrrha is the “Heir to the title of Holy Warrior”, and Patroklos is being kinda creepy…does that mean I got them switched around? Will Patroklos be wielding Soul Edge while his sister takes up Soul Calibur?
  • Wha, is that Mitsurugi? I think they just reused his SCIV alternate appearance here, I mean…he’s supposed to be 63 years old now!
  • SIEGFRIED, OMG. Too bad he was getting pulverized by two kids.

The footage also looks exactly like Soul Calibur IV, only with the new and redesigned characters showing off their moves. Maybe it’s because the game is still in development and they haven’t done anything with the backgrounds and graphics yet? Here’s hoping!

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