SoulCalibur V Tidbits from Electronic Gaming Monthly

Electronic Gaming Monthly July issue featuring SoulCalibur VIt took every ounce of willpower I had to to stop myself from squeeing aloud when I saw Siegfried and Patroklos on the Cover of the July issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly yesterday.

And since I had no willpower left in my system, I wound up buying the damn issue. Even though I told myself I wouldn’t splurge on gaming magazines. I am a weak, weak fangirl.

Some of the things that piqued my interest in this issue include:

Critical Finish improvements
After noticing that players rarely ever get to pull off a Critical Finish in SoulCalibur IV, the team are trying to figure out a way to simplify the system without making it too easy. I’m glad to hear this because I’m one of those players who was having a hard time pulling off a critical finish! :p I only managed to do it a few times in SoulCalibur IV: Broken Destiny, and I don’t remember ever doing it outside of Practice Mode in SCIV for Xbox 360.

A lighter 8-way run system
The team is focusing on improving the 8-way run system to make it “more responsive” and less “heavy” as it was in SCIV. …oh wait, so does this mean that my apparent inability to use the 8-way run to run or dodge fast enough wasn’t solely my fault? YAY.

Visual improvements
Hideo Yoshie mentions that they’re focusing on the concept of light and shadow for the game’s visuals. He mentioned that the team is mostly influenced by anime and manga, and I’m pretty sure that means we’ll be seeing more contrast between light and dark as well as more dramatic lighting…though I haven’t noticed much of a difference in their gameplay trailers so far.

That didn’t amuse me as much as what Hideo Yoshie said about being a Tim Burton fan and having more night stages that have a Tim Burton-y atmosphere, though. Apparently, there’s a candle-lit Torture Chamber stage that has this kind of atmosphere. They don’t mention whose stage that is, but I’m guessing it belongs to Ivy. Or maybe Raphael?

The magazine also includes some info on the new characters, Patroklos and Pyrrha, though I think most of it is lifted off of the info that’s already been posted on the Japanese SoulCalibur website. It mentions stuff like their ages, fighting styles, and Sophitia being dead.


Sophitia is dead?

I just stop looking at SCV news for a while, and Sophitia is dead? I really hope that this is some sort of misunderstanding on Patroklos’ part, or else Namco-Bandai will probably have to deal with the wrath of Sophitia’s fanboys (and fangirls)! Seeing as the game is set seventeen years into the future, I was expecting some of the characters to be dead or dying, but Sophitia?

…goddammit, I really hate Namco-Bandai for getting me so worked up about a game that isn’t even coming out until  next year.

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