Vote for Your Favorite FemShep…Or Not.

So Bioware recently opened up voting for the default female Commander Shepard that will supposedly be slapped onto the promotional images (and maybe boxart…?) for Mass Effect 3. Let’s take a look at our choices, shall we?

Shepard #1

Mass Effect 3: Default Female Shepard 1Rating: 4/5

Not bad. She has the most practical hairstyle out of the six options, which is a big thing for me when we’re talking about a badass female soldier who probably cares more about her mission than her damned hair. Black hair is usually a plus for me…but I’ve pretty much branded her as a redhead, so I’m not sure about this one.

Shepard #2

Mass Effect 3: Default Female Shepard 2Rating: 3.5/5

Well, now, here’s a hair color I’d love to see on the new default female Shepard…too bad her hairstyle kinda looks like Ashley Williams’. I do love her piercing green eyes, though.

Shepard #3

Mass Effect 3: Default Female Shepard 3Rating: 2.5/5

Is this an attempt at an Asian-looking FemShep…? It kinda looks like it because of the face shape and the angle of her eyes. I’m really not feeling that hair, though…and she kind of looks too baby-faced to be a battle-hardened soldier like FemShep.

Shepard #4

Mass Effect 3: Default Female Shepard 4Rating: 0/5

Wow. Thanks for the attempt to provide a varied selection of races for FemShep, Bioware, but that hair and that fucking red streak just screams LOOK AT ME I’M AN EMO/PUNK TEENAGER WHO LOVES TWILIGHT. Just…no. And just how the heck is she supposed to aim properly with those bangs blocking her sight?

Shepard #5

Mass Effect 3: Default Female Shepard 5Rating: 2/5

Holy smokes this FemShep is hot. Which is why I don’t like her much. I imagined FemShep to be appealing/attractive in her own way, but  not because she looked like a celebrity or model! That hair is also kiiiiiind of impractical for a soldier to have, but then I remember that my Infiltrator FemShep has that same hairstyle…only she isn’t blonde and her hair isn’t all over the place.

Shepard #6

Mass Effect 3: Default Female Shepard 6Rating: 1/5

Oh wow, who kidnapped a Dragon Age character and shoved her in FemShep’s N7 armor? I seriously remember that hairstyle or something similar being available in Dragon Age and Dragon Age II. I like how they tried to give this FemShep a Middle Eastern look, but that hair just killed it for me.

So which FemShep did you vote for? Personally, I’m not voting for any of them. I really like how Bioware attempted to provide non-Caucasian options for default FemShep, but they seem a little half-baked. If they had something like a mix between #1 and #2, I’d probably vote for that.

4 thoughts

  1. I voted for #5, for 2 reasons. Firstly, she reminds me of Starbuck, which fits perfectly. Kara Shepard FTW. Secondly, it’s been said in the books and other materials that blonde hair is excessivle rare in the ME ‘verse, so that hair fits with Shepard being rare and special.

    That said, if I could have my choice beyond just these six it would basically be #5 with red hair and green eyes. Classic FemShep.

    1. AHA, so that’s where the “blonde hair is rare” thing came from! I recall reading it in a fanfic, so I wasn’t sure if it was canon or not. 😐 The fact that the blonde hair is rare makes me even MORE iffy about Shepard being blonde. I like the idea that Shepard started out as an ordinary soldier and just happened to work hard and eventually do extraordinary things. I kind of feel like making her have a rare genetic trait like blonde hair kind of dumbs that down…?

      Bah, don’t mind me; I have this habit of reading into things too much. :p

      I’m definitely all for the “Classic” FemShep look with red hair and green eyes! I wish they had more redheads instead of having 4/6 options with black hair. I really love black hair, but it just doesn’t really feel right for FemShep!

  2. Anyone got the face code for Shepard 5, I like the look… the default look that came out looks horseface.

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