FemShep Needs a New Make-Up Artist

This is the new Mass Effect 3 trailer:

And this is how default Fem!Shep looks in the new Mass Effect 3 trailer:

Mass Effect 3 trailer default Female Shepard

Look, I’m excited for Mass Effect 3 and all, but honestly? Default Fem!Shep’s make-up looks horrendous. It’s like she actually took the funny “Emo Gothic Makeup Tutorial” video on YouTube seriously. That shade of lipstick is totally not you, girl. And don’t even get me started on those eyebrows.

Is it wrong for me to wish that they had gone for a more natural look that makes default Fem!Shep seem more like a practical soldier than some hooker who has to wear dark make-up to attract attention in the back alleys of Omega? Really? Is it too much to ask?

I’m not saying that she has no right to have any make-up on – I mean, Samara has make up on, Jack does too, and so does my own Fem!Shep. But really, I can’t help but feel that that uber dark eyeshadow/eyeliner and dark lipstick is out of character for Shepard. It works on Jack because she’s just that type of rebel character, but Shepard? I know that you can go Paragon/Renegade as her (I’ve played as both), but nowhere do I see any hints of her being the type of woman to go into battle with that much make-up on.

Maybe Jack suddenly decided to do Shepard’s make-up for her, I don’t know. I just think that it looks terrible.

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    1. I’m all for sexy, kickass women, too. But for me, this is not the sort of make-up that a sexy, kickass woman who happens to be a war veteran and active soldier would wear.

      I guess I’m mostly speaking as someone who actually DOES take her time to do her own make-up, study make-up tutorials, and do research on what kind of make-up is appropriate for which occasion.

      And as someone who happens to hate really thick/dark make-up on women who AREN’T supposed to be emo or goth-looking.

      1. Okay, okay, I reread my comment, and it totally didn’t end up saying what I wanted to say.

        I found the default Femshep face to be a little… fugly… and I ended up hacking my character file to get at some of the unaccessible hairstyles. Particularly in ME2, I dug the look of my scarred up Shepard. So I’m motivated by this weird combination of “I dig these battlehardened scars, go realism!” and “gogo emo makeup!”

        On the bright side: ME armor is not particularly form-fitting or fantastic. On the down side: a real, make-up-less Shepard was probably never in the cards, simply because make-up = pretty = what we’re going to get as our game’s “pin-up”.

        tl;dr — you’re absolutely right, I’m sorry my comment came off the way it did. I was trying to be a little self-effacing, while admitting the rightness of your position. Also: glad to see you’re still posting!

        1. Honestly? This new default FemShep’s face isn’t so bad. I still like mine better (although my Renegade FemShep looks way better, I think – I just don’t have a picture of her), but yes, if we’re only talking about this new default FemShep’s face, she does look better than the original one. They just really screwed up the make-up, which was really the only thing I was complaining about in this post.

          And me, posting? Not regularly, I’m afraid. But yes, I do come and go. Glad to see you’re still around, too! 😀

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