Diving Back into The Sims 2

I’ve always loved The Sims 2. I get a kick out of playing god, and I like how much you could mess with everything using mods/custom content. I also loved reading other players’ photostories. My favorites back in the day were Deception Pass and The Cult of Adam Genesis, which I still read sometimes, even if they aren’t updated regularly anymore.

So while I was at that awkward stage of trying to find a new job, I found myself going back to playing this game again. I spent entire days downloading custom content and creating some mischief of my own. One of the fruits of my labor includes a playboy Sim who impregnated nearly every female in Veronaville and wound up with a whopping 29 children. Or was it 30? 31? I’ve lost count already.

The Sims 2 custom male characterThis is the player. His name is Allan Greyjoy (if you know where I got his last name from, we can probably be friends). He may look kind of decent and sort-0f nerdy, but trust me, keep your wives, sisters, daughters, and female cousins away from him.

If you think that having a male Sim with 20+ children with at least 19 different females (two women gave him twins, and his true wife – yes, he’s married now – gave him more children). It’s better than the usual havoc I wreak upon Veronaville. At least THIS playboy Sim doesn’t have a collection of  urns/tombstones for each of the Veronaville male sims hidden beneath his floorboards.

No, I’m not kidding. I made that Sim when I was a freshman or sophomore in college. Stress does funny things to your brain.

The other mischief I’m working on is recreating the cast of characters for an old story that the boyfriend and I came up with nearly five years ago. I intended to take screenshots and make a photostory out of the entire thing, but alas, I lost all my computer’s files – including the package files for each of our carefully-crafted cast members.

The Sims 2 custom characters 2006

These are the old cast members as they looked in 2006. The first two pretties were made through collaboration with my boyfriend, who was surprisingly good at creating beautiful sims. I tried my darndest to replicate them – I even trawled every The Sims 2 mod site I could find to re-download the custom skins, make-up, and eyes I used to make them.

The Sims 2 custom characters 2012

And here are my new creations. I’m annoyed that I didn’t manage to recreate Karyn and Amaya (who will probably be renamed thanks to the release of that local TV series) properly, but I guess I have to accept that they will never look the way they used to. Cheaney’s been tweaked to look more like Amaya since they’re supposed to be sisters, Dietrich now looks appropriately more Caucasian now (he’s supposed to be German), and I’m shocked by how much Fox turned out looking like a pimpin’ Latino hottie.

This little Sims 2 project is on hold for now, though. I need a couple of other expansions to maximize the mods I need to use for the story, and the local computer shops haven’t been stocking them anymore.

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  1. I’m glad I’m not the only one still playing this game. My poor laptop can’t handle TS3, so I’ve been steadily playing TS2 for years now. I had to stop using CC because it seemed like after so many downloads, the game just lagged. Does this happen to you or am I doing something wrong? I miss the objects I had. ):

    1. I’m glad to hear from a fellow Sims 2 player too! I actually have Sims 3 installed in my PC, but I just feel more comfortable playing Sims 2. 🙂 My downloads/custom content folder is 2.58 GB in size and I don’t seem to have any problems with lagging…but I do remember having issues back when my PC wasn’t as geared toward gaming as my current rig is. Have you tried running the game at lower graphics settings?

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