Film Review: Brave

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Brave is Pixar’s thirteenth feature film. Set in 10th century Scotland, the story focuses on Princess Merida, who inadvertently curses her family in an attempt to escape her fate.

I was really looking forward to this movie. Maybe that’s the reason it disappointed me.

Brave‘s trailers made me expect something along the lines of a defiant princess going on an epic quest, but I was wrong. It turns out Merida’s adventure was hardly epic; there was just a lot of running back-and-forth between her family’s castle and the nearby woods. For a Pixar film, I felt the story fell terribly flat. The whole princess-does-not-want-to-be-a-princess plot is just too simplistic and cliche, and none of the film’s visuals or musical merits seemed to make up for it. As one of the film’s reviews at IMDB says, it feels like a Disney story, not a Pixar story.

Even with the cliche and rather shallow storyline, I wouldn’t say Brave  is a film kids of all ages will enjoy. I think film’s humor and darker, foreboding scenes make it more appropriate for older children (around ages eight and up).

I’m not saying Brave is a bad movie. Brave has its share of enjoyable moments and interesting characters, plus it has the most beautiful visuals and fantastic music you’ll ever encounter in a Pixar film. I’m just saying if you’re expecting something as epic as Wall-EThe Incredibles, or Toy Story 3, you’re in for a huge let-down.

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  1. I do agree with you that the storyline wasn’t that epic and I too expected an epic quest.However I really enjoyed the film as I loved the humour.I was laughing out loud for most of the film and that doesn’t happen very often.
    I agree that this is not an children’s film for children younger than eight, the adults were laughing in the film and for once the children were very quiet.
    I loved the music and the visuals, as I thought the animals especially the horse looked really real and amazing and the music was beautiful and moving.
    All in all, I enjoyed the film and will definetely see it again.

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