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Doodle Cat is a fun little game you can play online (via Kongregate) or download for free from the Apple App Store. The goal is to create and combine different items to make toys and other things for your little kitty. There are 60 items to create in the iPod version (there are only 30 in the Kongregate version), but you can buy more items from the app store.

Here’s a complete list of 60 basic items and their respective combinations!

Scratching PostMewCat
Closed BoxPurrPurr
Ball of YarnMewPurr
Open BoxMewClosed Box
Big BoxOpen BoxOpen Box
Empty Bird CagePurrClosed Box
BucketEmpty Bird CageOpen Box
Ball on StickBall of YarnScratching Post
SheepBall of YarnBall of Yarn
Sheep in BoxSheepOpen Box / Closed Box
Top HatSheep in BoxPurr
Air PumpTop HatScratching Post
Food DishMewMew
Food Dish with FishCat
ScoopFood DishMew
Empty LitterboxFood DishFood Dish
ScoopDirty Litterbox
Pile of FurBrushCat
NewspaperPile of FurMew
Shredded NewspaperNewspaperCat
SaplingShredded NewspaperPurr
Vase with FlowersSaplingBucket
Broken VaseVase with FlowersCat
Filled LitterboxShredded NewspaperLitterbox
Dirty LitterboxFilled LitterboxCat
Caged SheepSheepEmpty Bird Cage
Pile of FleeceSheepBrush
CloudPile of FleeceAir Pump
Water BottleCloudCat
Empty AquariumWater BottleOpen Box
Aquarium with FishFood Dish with FishEmpty Aquarium
Pot of SoilBall of YarnFood Dish
MirrorEmpty AquariumScratching Post
SlipperPile of FurPile of Fur
RugPile of FleeceSlipper
Spray BottleWater BottleAir Pump
Watering CanSpray BottleBucket
BushSaplingWatering Can
Covered Bird CageRugCaged Sheep
Bird Cage with Bird InsideCatCovered Bird Cage
BirdBird Cage with Bird InsideCat
Pile of FeathersBirdCat
PillowPile of FeathersRug
Flying SheepBirdSheep
Knitting NeedlesAxeEmpty Bird Cage
Picket FenceAxeBush
TV SetKnitting NeedlesBig Box
SausageBirdShredded Newspaper
RefridgeratorSausageBig Box
Wind-up MouseSlipperPurr
BroomScoopPile of Fur
Cat HousePile of FleeceClosed Box
Cat House with LedgeCat HouseScratching Post
Cat House with Ledge and BallCat House with LedgeBall on Stick

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