Phantom of the Opera Hangover

The boyfriend and I watched The Phantom of the Opera last week, and I still have a hangover from the damn thing. I’ve been soundtripping on iTunes and watching related videos on YouTube…and I just stumbled across this just now:

knew Antonio Banderas could sing, but I had no idea he performed a “Phantom of the Opera” duet with Sarah Brightman. Correction: I didn’t know he performed an awesome “Phantom of the Opera” duet with Sarah Brightman. I have mixed feelings about his accent here, but then again, Antonio is not Antonio without it!

I think the man needs to star in more musicals.

2 thoughts

  1. He’s got a voice that could melt an iceberg. I confess to crushing on Antonio Banderas since seeing him in “The Mask of Zorro” and not regretting it.

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