Game of Thrones Song Covers

I’m sure everyone’s still reeling from the events in the latest episode (I’ve read the books, so my loins have been firmly girded), so here are a few lovely Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire songs to make you feel better…or make you wallow in your sorrow even more, whichever the case may be.

Gentle Mother

This beautiful hymn (known as Sansa’s Hymn in the Game of Thrones TV series) dedicated to the Mother may be just what all the [SPOILER] Robb Stark fans out there need to get through their pain. This particular verse makes me snicker when I think about it in context of all those fans wailing for [SPOILER]Robb Stark and his family:

Gentle Mother, strength of women,
Help our daughters through this fray.
Soothe the wrath and tame the fury,
Teach us all a kinder way.

Be at peace, fellow fangirls/fanboys. One more episode awaits.

Sansa’s Hymn, cover by Karliene Reynolds

Mother’s Hymn, music by Ryan Yunck

The Bear and the Maiden Fair

Apart from its rather interesting symbolism, I’m not particularly fond of this song…but I do like this guitar version of it by Ernesto Schnack.

The Rains of Castamere

I know this song probably sends chills down a lot of people’s spines (especially after that episode!), but I think it’s only natural for me to be fond of this song because I am a Lannister though I was one vote away from being a Targaryen after all, even though I do hate Tywin Lannister and book!Cersei with all the raging passion of the flaming summer sun.

There are a lot of covers of this song, but my favorites are Malukah’s because of her beautiful voice, and the epic choral version by Lewis Fitzjohn and Hawthorn.

Cover by Malukah

The Rains Of Castamere (Choral Version) by Lewis Fitzjohn and Hawthorn

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