Goodbye, Pet Society

A screencap of two pets hugging in Pet Society
El and Isa’s pets

Pet Society, one of the most adorable casual browser games I have ever played, is shutting down today.

Reading the posts on the Playfish forums makes me sad. A lot of people invested more than just time and money on their PS pets. No matter how shallow you may think it sounds, many PS players invested a lot of emotion in their pets. They took care of them just as they would a real-life pet, took the time to meet new friends through the game, and built solid communities around the game.

For EA to just waltz in, take over, and rip all that apart simply because the game wasn’t making them money anymore…that is just sad.

I also find it appalling that they think throwing PS players a tiny bone from their new acquisition is a good compensation for closing Pet Society down. The forums are now full of players screaming murder (literally; they’re accusing EA of killing their pets), but that won’t really matter. EA is also shutting the forums down to silence the rebels today.

EA Games is a rich serial killer.
Totally accurate. And they DO deserve all that flak. (from Dorkly)

The PS players are talking about boycotting EA Games, and I think I may follow suit. They’ve ruined most of the games that I love, and killed off the smaller gaming companies they’ve absorbed…or kept them alive while destroying everything that made them great gaming companies in the first place. I don’t think I want to pay them to keep doing it.

I’ll keep playing the old favorites that I already have, like the Sims 2, Dragon Age: Origins, and Mass Effect 1 and 2, but I probably won’t spend any more money buying anything new from EA.

A screencap of a pet in her home in Pet Society
My Pet Society pet, Koochi, walking around her house’s entrance hall one last time.

Goodbye Pet Society, it was a great run. And goodbye, Koochi – I had a lot of fun collecting your toys, dressing you up, and decorating your house.

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