Guren no Yumiya German Fan Cover

I forgot how I found this video, but I do remember sharing it on Tumblr after being blown away by how epic it is to hear this song sung in full German. This cover sports some amazing vocals, and a Tumblr user who knows how to speak German pointed out that the translation is spot-on.

My Tumblr post for this video now has a little over 15,700 notes. I don’t think any of my Tumblr posts went over 1000 notes, so this was really, REALLY unexpected.

The most fun part of this whole thing is that the lovely singer, Chocolatex3Musicx, actually noticed the video making rounds on Tumblr. I was so amused that I decided to let her know it was me who posted the video, and that I was just as stunned as she was by the increase in notes.

Then she pointed out to me that her video’s views jumped from 6000 views to about 20,000 (it’s at 35,000+ now) after the Tumblr post started going around!

Guren no Yumiya German Fan Cover YouTube comments

Translations from Google Translate. Please forgive this non-German speaking blogger with a German first name (“Elrica”).

I’m really glad I got to interact with the lady behind this epic cover. Knowing that I made her happy just makes me feel all fuzzy inside. <3

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