The Philippine Jaeger Corps

[UPDATE: Added a crapload more Philippine Jaegers I found on the Pacific Rim Wiki) to the gallery. With 24 Jaegers in this gallery alone, we seem to have a more formidable Jaeger force than I initially thought!]

Manila was featured prominently in Pacific Rim, with multiple mentions of it as one of the densely-populated cities the kaiju initially targeted.


This made me wonder about a few things: Did we manage to acquire/build our own Jaegers to defend the country after the initial kaiju assaults? Or did we rely on “borrowed” military forces and Jaeger corps from other countries? Did we have any “rockstar” Jaeger pilots that put the Philippines back on the map? Or was Manila doomed to be one of those tragic, post-kaiju attack stories for generations?

The way I imagine it, the Philippines depended on bigger, more advanced countries like America during the initial stages of the Kaiju War, but eventually managed to acquire Jaegers for the country through donations from other nations. The problem was, like most of the other tech acquired through “sponsors”, the only units the donating countries were willing to spare were the older, cheaper ones. With the instinct for survival and Filipino ingenuity driving them, local technicians and robotics experts began taking some of these models apart and repurposing them to create unique and more powerful Jaegers.

And this is why the Jaeger designer app amuses me so much. It’s exactly the way I imagined it: we get to pick existing Jaegers’ parts to create our own units. Here are some of the Philippine Jaegers I found online:

While I do love how other Filipinos designed and named their Jaegers, I felt I had to make my own contribution. I wanted a Jaeger sporting Philippine flag colors and a badass name based on our folklore. So I made the Tikbalang Rampage:

Inspired by the tikbalang in Trese, I designed the Tikbalang Rampage to be a fast and agile melee attacker that wields dual blades. The choice of weapons is a nod to Eskrima, though this Jaeger has a long chain sword + a short blade instead of two short blades of equal length.

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