Young Henry Cavill in I Capture the Castle

I was going to attempt a film review for I Capture the Castle, but really, who am I kidding? I’m not particularly fond of romance-drama movies involving naive teenage girls, so there was no point in pretending I could write a decent, unbiased review. The real reason I watched this movie was to see young Henry Cavill in something other than The Count of Monte Cristo.

I Capture the Castle screencap: Henry Cavill

I won’t comment on the movie itself, but I will comment on Henry Cavill’s performance. His portrayal of some emotions seem a bit overblown (too theatrical, maybe?) in this movie, but he already has that earnestness that seems to have become his most prominent characteristic as an actor.

I Capture the Castle screencap: Romola Garai and Henry Cavill

His portrayal of Stephen Colley, the lovelorn gardener who falls for the younger daughter of the family he works for was borderline cheesy, but it still made me sympathize with the character. Unrequited love is never fun to deal with, and Cavill manages to capture all its emotional ups and downs.

I Capture the Castle screencap: Romola Garai and Henry Cavill

There’s just something very real and very honest about Cavill’s performances, and that’s what really makes him a good actor. In fact, these traits were what made Zack Snyder cast him as Superman in Man of Steel:

“He is very earnest,” says Snyder. “He does — and this is going to sound cheesy — have a lot of the qualities that you would hope for in Superman. And they’re not put on. That’s the thing that surprised me. I want my Superman not to be faking it. It’s an easy thing to say but, in truth, that’s not a thing you get, normally. You normally get an actor who is faking it, and it can come across as cheesy and not sincere. Earnestness is the hardest thing to art if it’s not who you are.”

– quoted from Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly. by GQ UK’s Stuart McGurk

I’m definitely looking forward to seeing Henry Cavill cast in more film roles that allow his earnestness to shine through. In the meantime, enjoy the rest of the images I captured (was that a pun? yes it was) from I Capture the Castle.

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