Kotobukiya’s New 52 Nightwing ARTFX+ Statue

I may be more of a Jason Todd fan, but that doesn’t really stop me from appreciating Nightwing (Dick Grayson). This New 52 Nightwing figure by Kotobukiya is looking mighty fine, except for that weird pose. I mean, is he supposed to look like he’s about to hit something with his eskrima stick? Is he stopping a little old lady from crossing a busy street by herself? Is he trying to push his way through a crowd of people at the MRT station? I guess I’ll never know.

And I still hate his black-and-red color scheme. I hope someone eventually customizes one of these and changes that red logo back to blue. I can’t really complain about dem muscles and dat ass though. Wow.

This Nightwing statue will be available in April 2014.

Update: You can buy this figure from Amazon or Play-Asia!

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