One Short Valentine’s Day in the Emerald City: Wicked Manila

I’ve always loved the music from Wicked, but I never thought I’d ever get to watch it right here in Manila. So you can imagine how excited I was when they announced Wicked Manila in August (my birth month, ermergerd) last year, and how that excitement seriously shot through the roof when my boyfriend and I were on our way to the show on Valentine’s Day.

No, it wasn’t my idea to watch it on Valentine’s Day – it was my very generous and very cheesy boyfriend’s idea. 

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We got caught in some serious traffic and I thought we would be late for the show, but thankfully we got there in time. We even had a few minutes to wander around CCP and check out the merchandise.

Wicked Manila Oz Dust Boutique


I didn’t buy anything other than the souvenir program, though. I’m usually happy with just that as a souvenir when I watch a show, and I was just happy to add Wicked to my growing collection. (It’s just too bad that I didn’t think to go stagedooring afterward, like my friend, Kaye, did.)


Wicked Manila set - Time Dragon

We were seated in the “Emerald” section, in the L row, which I think is ideal for a show like Wicked because you can see everything without having to crane your neck everywhere.

Wicked Manila promo photo - Glinda and Elphaba

The show itself was amazing, but I don’t think you can expect anything less from Wicked. Jemma Rix’s powerful voice had me floored, and Suzie Mathers was a perfectly perky Glinda. Aside from how I was a bit iffy about Steve Danielsen’s singing voice (which is mostly my fault for being so fixated on Norbert Leo Butz’ voice in the Original Broadway Cast soundtrack), everything was absolutely wicked.

Wicked Manila promo photo - Defying Gravity

Also: This photo? It absolutely does not do the show’s lighting justice. On stage, this scene made me lean back in my seat with my jaw open in awe.

Wicked Manila program and tickets


Wicked is really a spectacular musical, and I’m really glad they managed to bring it to the Philippines. The show has been extended to March 9, and I’m sorely tempted to watch it again!

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