MAC’s New Maleficent Collection and Other Maleficent-Inspired Makeup

MAC Just launched a new collection inspired by the upcoming Maleficent film, and it’s looking deviously gorgeous.

The new MAC Maleficent Collection contains everything you need to recreate the dramatic, villainous, and sexy look Maleficent has in the upcoming film. It even has sculpting powder and a Prep+Prime highlighter to help you achieve Maleficent’s defined, chiseled features and signature cheekbones!

Other Maleficent Makeup Collections

This may be the first collection inspired by the live-action movie version of Maleficent, but this isn’t the first time MAC featured an incarnation of her in their collections. In 2010, they launched their Venomous Villains collections, which featured four iconic Disney Villains: Maleficent, Cruella de Vil, Evil Queen (aka Queen Grimhilde), and Dr. Facilier. Here are some photos of the Maleficent collection:

The collection is mostly composed of dark purples and hints of green, an obvious homage to Maleficent’s original color palette.

Temptalia has a LOT of photos of this collection, including swatches and photos of editor-in-chief Christine Mielke actually wearing the makeup.

Popular and more affordable MAC alternative, e.l.f., released its own collection based on Disney Villains called “Villainous Villains” in 2012. They also featured Maleficent, Cruella de Vil, and Evil Queen/Queen Grimhilde. Check out these photos of Maleficent’s palette, Sinister Smoky Eyes:

You can visit Libby’s Pink Vanity to see more photos of this gorgeous palette and the others included in the e.l.f. Villainous Villains collection, including swatches. This collection is no longer being sold by e.l.f., but they currently have a Disney Villains collection inspired by the three glamorous villains featured in the Villainous Villains collection, plus Ursula.

Image from e.l.f.
Image from e.l.f.


Image from e.l.f.
Image from e.l.f.


This collection is a Walgreens-exclusive, and you can only get them in-store (which makes me sad because that means I will probably never get my hands on any of lookbooks in the Disney Villains collection).

Check out more photos of the Maleficent Lookbook at Nouveau Cheap!

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