Diablo III: El’s Latest Adventures in a Nutshell

Diablo III has been eating up a lot of my free time, especially since my boyfriend bought copies of Reaper of Souls for both of us. And because I am terrible at taking screenshots/videos, allow me to share the few highlights I did manage to capture.

1. My Demon Hunter’s Wardrobe Evolution

Diablo III Demon Hunter armor

…yeah, I think she’s going through a “minimalist” phase right now.

2. I Actually Started Taking a Melee Class Seriously

Diablo III Crusader Female

I leveled my Crusader all the way up to 70 before I even managed to get my other characters (aside from Demon Hunter) to 60. I blame Mary Elizabeth McGlynn‘s voice for this entirely.


Diablo III Whimsyshire

I was a Cow Level virgin when my boyfriend dragged me to Whimsyshire. Oh, the humanity.

4. My Demon Hunter Blasts Cute Animals into Oblivion

Diablo III Demon Hunter cupcake

“Darkness awaits you!” quoth she, before eagerly devouring the delectably glowing cupcake.

5. Is That a GoT/ASOIAF Reference?

Diablo III Clawgane the Mountain

Exhibit A: “Clawgane” sounds familiar
Exhibit B: “The Mountain” also sounds familiar
Exhibit C: Burning house…didn’t someone’s face get burned?

It’s a pretty obvious reference to Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire, no?

6. I Really Like the End-Game Portraits.

I’m probably going to take pics of my monk and wizard as soon as they complete Reaper of Souls, too.

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