The Magic of Rebecca Guay

I recently started playing Magic: The Gathering, and aside from obsessing over creating a viable Red-White Heal/Burn that’s legal for Standard matches (more on that insanity in another post), I’ve been collecting cards illustrated by Rebecca Guay.

Anyone who’s ever played MTG, especially those fond of using Green/White/Blue decks, should be familiar with Guay’s art. Her illustrations have been gracing MTG cards since the 1990’s, and her distinct, ethereal art style is hard to ignore.

Magic: The Gathering card - Regenerate, illustrated by Rebecca Guay

The search results at the MTG Card Database show that Guay has illustrated 146 cards to date. We currently have 9 Rebecca Guay cards in the binder full of MTG cards that my boyfriend and I co-own. I guess we have a looong way to go before we catch ’em all gather all those cards, but I don’t mind.

If there’s one Guay card I really, REALLY want to get my hands on, though, it’s probably Path to Exile. I mean, just look at the art:

Magic: The Gathering card - Path to Exile, illustrated by Rebecca Guay

I recently visited a nearby MTG card shop that had several foil Path to Exile cards with this illustration on it, but they weren’t selling any of them. Oh well – the quest for more Guay cards continues!