Sylvanas Windrunner Funko Pop! Figure

Rating: ratings-3-5

sylvanas funko pop 4

I’ve slowly been building up my little Funko Pop! vinyl figures collection, and the latest addition is none other than Lady Sylvanas Windrunner from World of Warcraft.

Sylvanas is as adorable as most Pop! figures come, but unlike the other Pop! figures I own, she comes with a tiny stand. Her head is way too big and heavy for her body, and there’s no way for her to stand on her own.

sylvanas funko pop 1

This particular figure has some odd scratches on her hair, and the paint on her right eye isn’t properly aligned with her eyeball. I was too excited about seeing her on the shelf at Big Boys that I didn’t inspect the figure properly before purchasing.  Oh well.

funko pop collection

Imperfections aside, the Dark Lady is always a welcome presence on my office desk!

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