Gackt in the Philippines (Part 2!)

I was wondering why Gackt was here in the Philippines, but based on this silly video post, I’m guessing it was for a vacation:

Not sure where that beach is – some people in the comments speculated that he was in Palawan or Cebu, but there are just so many beaches in the Philippines that it’s hard to guess. Someone even mentioned that maybe he was in Boracay, but the lack of commercial establishments and party people make me think that’s not very likely.

The last of his three posts from his trip to the Philippines were taken while he was stuck in a traffic jam on his way to the airport:

The fans managed to figure out where he was based on the photos of the street and buildings here – he was in Davao! I’m so jealous of the Davaoeños right now, but I’m also glad he didn’t experience the traffic in Metro Manila. It’s much, MUCH worse than the traffic in Davao!

That seemed like such a short trip, but I hope he enjoyed himself! And I really, really hope he comes back to do a concert or something in Manila. *_*

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  1. Hi El! Yeah Gackt is in Davao. And Dabawenyo fans are trying to find him LOL!
    I think he’s still in Davao… What I think he meant by going home was that he was going home to the place where he stays here… Which causes the people here to speculate if he has a home here because he didn’t say hotel!
    You see the beach he went to was on a separate island from Davao…
    Anyway, the direction he’s going to is not headed to the airport. It’s actually the opposite direction!
    Hope this info help! 🙂

    1. OOOOOOOH. Interesting bits of information, xtal! Thank you! 😀

      A shout out to all the Dabawenyo fans out there – please do keep the rest of us Filipino fans updated on Gackt! :3

      1. Are you sitting down? I read this yesterday here:

        “-Oh, that long ago?
        That’s right. People like [Tomoyasu] Hotei say they’re going to move their base to London and then do that, but in my case if I moved there’s a possibility I’d get sick of it immediately, so I’m casually living in a lot of places (laughs). So I don’t really publicize it. Now I’m going around living in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines… a lot of places in South East Asia.

        -Do you have houses in all those countries?
        (immediately) Yeah, in all of them.”

        Now we’re sure he has a home here… but is it really in Davao?! Maybe Manila…. It could be anywhere!

        1. *is sitting down*
          *nearly falls out of chair anyway*

          OOOHHHH! But honestly, I wouldn’t be so surprised if his house is in Davao. Davao’s honestly much nicer and safer than Metro Manila. Good food is much cheaper, too! I only went to Davao once so far, and I honestly wish I could live there instead of Makati.

          And now Gackt is one more reason to relocate, yeah? XD

          1. Thanks! (Proud Dabawenya here!) Yes, Davao is way nicer…! Went to Manila last October for the first time and… I didn’t really like it because of the crowd, noise and dirt. Going this Monday again to watch ONE OK ROCK on Tuesday though. Pretty nervous about going to Manila, but excited for the concert!! 🙂

          2. Yeeeep, Manila is horrible compared to Davao, really. I totally understand why you don’t like it. :p But don’t worry about it and just enjoy the concert! 😀

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