Fly to Gotham or Metropolis with Turkish Airlines

I’m not exactly excited about the upcoming Batman vs Superman movie, but these Turkish Airlines Batman vs Superman Super Bowl commercials did a better job of selling the movie to me than the trailers did.

Much like your run-of-the-mill airline+tourism ads, the two commercials invite us to visit Gotham City and Metropolis, with both featuring two very rich entrepreneurs and two notable “local celebrities”.

[EDIT 06/04/16: Both videos have been set to private. D:]

Unsurprisingly, the Gotham commercial showed more of the city’s night life, whereas the Metropolis commercial showed more of the city during daytime:

Heck, even the color of the suits Bruce and Lex were wearing toward the end of their commercials show the contrast between the two cities:



The whole contrast/versus theme is cliche,but at least it shows they were paying attention to detail, I guess?

The Turkish Airlines website even has individual destination pages for both Gotham and Metropolis, complete with city maps and short travel guides, as well as a promotional raffle wherein five winners “win seats on [the] inaugural flight” to Gotham City or Metropolis. Which, according to the promo’s Terms and Conditions, actually means a “3 night’s trip to an east coast destination of the Promoter’s choice, for two people, with accommodation and tickets to watch the Batman v Superman premiere on 20th March 2016.” The location will only be revealed to the winners once they’re notified that they’ve won.

I’m still not too keen on watching the movie in March, but now I kind of wish Gotham City and Metropolis were actual places you could visit.

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