Sailor Moon Drops Now Available on Mobile

Sailor Moon  pretty much defined my childhood, so you can just imagine how happy I was to find Sailor Moon Drops on the Apple App Store the other day.

The gameplay is hardly any different from typical match-3 games, but this game is definitely a must-play for any Sailor Moon fan. The chibi-fied characters characters are adorable, and the game follows a simplified storyline based on series’ plot.

You can unlock the Sailor Senshi as you go through the different stages on the map, and the series’ villains and supporting characters make appearances as well. The game also includes voice overs by Kotono Mitsuishi, the Sailor Moon’s/Usagi’s original voice actress. That’s a nice touch, but I still kind of wish they provided voices for the other characters too.

The game has been available in Japan since September 2015, and I’m really happy that an English version is available for the rest of us. It just goes to show how much strong the beloved series’ comeback has been thanks to Sailor Moon Crystal.

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