obins Anne Pro Mechanical Keyboard = Love

I just got the obins Collector’s Edition Anne mechanical keyboard as a surprise present from my fiance, and I’m so in love with it I can’t even.

obins anne pro mechanical keyboard

I’m rather new to the mechanical keyboard scene; I only started using one when my fiance’s passed his old Cooler Master QuickFire Rapid keyboard down to me after he recently upgraded to a Ducky Shine 5. And for that reason, I decided not to write a product review for this keyboard – this is just a post written by a geek who just got a new, cool toy. :p

The Anne keyboard by obins lacks the numpad, cursor keys, and extra keys, so I’m still getting used to having to hold the FN key to use the keyboard’s other functions. It’s not really so bad, and since I use my primarily for gaming anyway, I still have all the keys I need.

Pressing FN+U cycles through the different lighting modes, which I recorded in this video:

Since the obins website is in Chinese, I’m not sure if they have specific names for the different lighting modes, so I’ll just make them up as I go. :p Here they are in the order they appear in the video:

  • Rainbow Vomit – Each key is a different color that changes continuously
  • Solids – Comes in red, lime green, green, light blue, royal blue, purple, lilac, yellow and ice blue
  • Triad – Royal blue on the left, light blue in the middle, red on the right
  • Triad Variant – Same as above, but with green on the left
  • Blue Sandwich – Most of the keys are electric blue, but the middle row (Caps Lock to Enter key) is light blue
  • Color Fade – All keys the same color, and the colors switch continously
  • Color Strafe – Rainbow gradient strafes across the keyboard from left to right
  • Single Key – Keys light up in a random color when you press them (light fades quickly)
  • Lingering Colors – Keys light up in a random color when you press them, but they stay lit and change colors when you press them again
  • Bleeding Colors – Tapping on a key will make its entire row and the keys diagonally above and below it light up

The obins app is now available in English, and I’ve updated the video annotations to show the official names of the lighting modes. 😀

Pressing FN+T changes the speed at which the colors change, while pressing FN+Y changes the brightness of the lights.

obins anne pro mechanical keyboard option keys

It’s just too bad that the video got muted because of the background music. I’ve always enjoyed hearing the clicking sounds of a keyboard while I type, and the clicky sounds of the Anne’s Gateron blue switches is just soooo satisfying to me. To illustrate my point, here’s a video of someone typing on another keyboard with Gateron Blues at 91 WPM – which is actually pretty close to my own max typing speed:

The seller my fiance bought this particular Anne keyboard from threw in a free artisan keycap as an added bonus. I’m not that fond of its design, but it does look pretty cool when it’s lit up:

mechanical keyboard artisan key

As I mentioned above, I’m still getting used to the keyboard, but I love it all the same. I’m looking forward to playing more PC games with it (so far I’ve only tested it with Overwatch). 😀

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