Fanmade Friday: Overwatch Anime-Style Opening Theme

This is supposed to be Fanart Friday, but I realized that there are so many other great fan-made things I could feature here aside from illustrations! Here’s an awesome, fanmade Overwatch video done in the style of an anime opening sequence.

YouTuber inkling inkling also has another Overwatch anime-style opening video and even an ending video, but I think this is the best of the three. The song choice is great (SAVIOR OF SONG by nano feat. MY FIRST STORY), plus the choice of clips and editing really gives it that heroic anime OP theme feel.

It’s kind of amazing how much fanmade content for Overwatch is out there, considering the game is still fairly new. I have a feeling I’m going to end up sharing a lot more Overwatch fan art and fan videos over the next few months. :p

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