Pretty Jelly Lipstick by Kailijumei

Kailijumei‘s jelly lipstick has been the talk of the most popular beauty blogs and Instagram accounts lately, and they’re so pretty even I can’t help but post about them.

kailijumei jelly lipstick 1


According to the Kailijumei website, the lipsticks are lavender-scented and they change color based on your body temperature. The ingredients are candelilla resin, cocoa butter, beeswax, olive oil, citric acid ,plant extracts, stearyl alcohol, grape seed oil, lavender oil, and dried flowers (4 different kinds).

The floral line comes in three different colors, and includes a clear, moisturizing lip balm.

They also have plain jelly lipsticks that are a “random” color, but are actually pink when applied on the skin.

kailijumei jelly lipstick 2


The floral jelly lipstick cost $30 each, while the lip balm and plain jelly lipstick cost $25 each. It seems that they’re all out of stock at the moment, but Kailijumei is currently accepting pre-orders.

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