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The Young Elites White Dagger USB

Young Elites Giveaway!

  The Young Elites, a new novel by Legend author Marie Lu, is coming out on October 7 this year. Be one of the first to get a hold of this new book and an exclusive piece of merchandise by joining our giveaway! 😀 Giveaway has been extended

World of Ice and Fire cover

GRRM Shares the Final Cover of The World of Ice and Fire

GRRM recently shared the final cover for the upcoming The World of Ice & Fire book on his LiveJournal account, and it’s looking pretty Targy good:   While I am a huge fan of House Targaryen, I’m not sure this is an improvement over one of other covers GRRM previously shared on

Dance with Dragons Japanese cover - Daenerys Targaryen

A Song of Ice and Fire Japanese Book Covers by Noriko Meguro

Years ago, I made some icons based on some amazing Japanese cover art for George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series. I figured that a post featuring that art is long since overdue! The series is called Koori to Honoo no Uta (氷と炎の歌)

Kotobukiya Nightwing (New 52) ARTFX+ Statue

Kotobukiya’s New 52 Nightwing ARTFX+ Statue

I may be more of a Jason Todd fan, but that doesn’t really stop me from appreciating Nightwing (Dick Grayson). This New 52 Nightwing figure by Kotobukiya is looking mighty fine, except for that weird pose. I mean, is he supposed to look like he’s about

Claymore fanart by Leo Chuang: Anastasia

Claymore Fanart by Leo Chuang

I was trawling the web for Claymore fanart, and I stumbled across Leo Chuang’s deviantArt account. His art style is gorgeous, and I especially love his William Bouguereau-inspired take on Riful: And here’s some more of Leo Chuang’s Claymore-inspired art:

Copper Timberline as young Clark Kent in Man of Steel

Film Review: Man of Steel

Disclaimer: I have never been a fan of Superman. The only thing that drove me to watch Man of Steel can be summed up in two words: Henry Cavill. I loved him since I watched …

A screenshot from Karliene's Sansa's Hymn YouTube video

Game of Thrones Song Covers

I’m sure everyone’s still reeling from the events in the latest episode (I’ve read the books, so my loins have been firmly girded), so here are a few lovely Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire songs to make you feel better…or make you