Review Policy

I’m currently open to review requests for books, games, and films! I do my best to review materials I receive as soon as I can, but real life time constraints may cause unexpected delays in my reviews.

I also review materials as thoroughly and honestly as I can. This means the reviews I write will not always be positive. I will publish negative reviews if I believe it is appropriate.

I accept both digital/electronic and hard copies of review materials. Please note that I live outside the United States, and may not be able to review your materials if you cannot ship them internationally.

You can view examples of our reviews here.


We use a heart rating system for all our reviews.

  • ratings-1 : Do Not Want / Why Do You Even Exist / Kill It with Fire
  • ratings-2 : Tolerable / Okay
  • ratings-3 : Liked It Well Enough / Good
  • ratings-4 : Relevant to Our Interests / Great / This Pleases Us
  • ratings-5 : Incredible / A Religious Experience / More Please