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Vote for Your Favorite FemShep…Or Not.

So Bioware recently opened up voting for the default female Commander Shepard that will supposedly be slapped onto the promotional images (and maybe boxart…?) for Mass Effect 3. Let’s take a look at our choices, shall we? Shepard #1 Rating: [usr=4] Not bad. She has the

Fenris Fanart

I’ve always had a thing for fictional men who have sexy voices, angst-ridden backstories, pretty eyes, and a barbed sort of wit/humor. Fenris fits the bill perfectly.

Revisiting Dragon Age: Origins

Just before New Year, I gave in to a huge temptation that was bugging me for roughly a month or so: I bought Dragon Age: Origins Ultimate Edition for Xbox 360. I actually didn’t want to get DA:O for Xbox 360 because I figured would

Jacob Taylor in Mass Effect 2

Jacob Taylor Calls Garrus Vakarian a “Cuttlebone”

So. There I was, playing as my Renegade/Infiltrator FemShep, and romancing Jacob Taylor out of pity.  Seriously, you have to feel a bit sorry for the guy – with almost every Mass Effect 2 fangirl out there drooling over Garrus Vakarian or Thane Krios, Jacob

Female Commander Shepard and Garrus Vakarian wearing matching colors in Mass Effect 2

Jane Shepard and Garrus Vakarian Tandem

My Fem!Shep always has Garrus by her side, no matter what the circumstance… well, except the suicide mission where he had to lead the other teams. I’m too much of a Garrus fangirl to leave him idle in the Normandy while my Fem!Shep goes off

My Commander Shepard

This is what I don’t like about non-PC console games. It’s so hard to take screenshots to share. 😐 Anyway, I managed to take a picture of my tweaked Fem!Shep from Mass Effect 2 using my phone’s camera. I know I mentioned that I didn’t

First Impressions: Mass Effect 2

After getting over my initial “OMFGSQUEE I HAS MASS EFFECT 2 SO I CAN HAS GARRUS ROMANCE NAO” phase upon buying it yesterday, it’s time for me to post about my first impressions of the game. I’ve only played the first few hours of the