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Revisiting Dragon Age: Origins

Dragon Age: Origins Ultimate EditionJust before New Year, I gave in to a huge temptation that was bugging me for roughly a month or so: I bought Dragon Age: Origins Ultimate Edition for Xbox 360.

I actually didn’t want to get DA:O for Xbox 360 because I figured would have difficulty adjusting to the controls, which were easy as pie on PC (especially for someone like me, who played Neverwinter Nights and Neverwinter Nights 2). I honestly had no idea how that was going to translate to the console version of the game.

I was right about it being difficult, but it wasn’t so bad… though I did start playing on “Casual” mode just to get a feel of things first. The number of skills you can dish out is more limited thanks to the fewer shortcut keys, but other than that, it really wasn’t anything to worry about.

No matter how many times I’ve played DA:O, I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of it. So many options to explore, so many memorable and amusing dialogues between the characters… it would only be better if the player characters were fully voiced and had more facial expressions than just 😐 and :-o.

Unfortunately, the expansions and DLCs were kind of… disappointing. A brief rundown of what I thought:

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

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Game Review: Dragon Age: Origins

Dragon Age: Origins PC cover

Apart from my faulty internet connection, there is one big reason why I haven’t been online much and why my WoW characters have been gathering cobwebs this week: Dragon Age: Origins.

In Dragon Age: Origins, players can create a unique-looking character (details such as eye size and distance, jaw and chin width, and nose height can be customized) that they will play as throughout the game. Players can choose their character’s gender, class, and “origin” story. There are six different origin stories to choose from, each with their own separate settings and plots.

While the six origin stories differ, the main plot of the game remains the same. The main character is somehow drafted into the Grey Wardens, a group of warriors whose goal is to defeat demonic creatures called darkspawn.

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