Sims 2 - Bella Goth and male sim singing karaoke
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The Sims 2 Shenanigans: Finding (and Keeping) Bella Goth

When I first played The Sims 2, I freaked out when Bella Goth was walking past one of my sims’ houses in Strangetown. Sure, I saw her in the Strangetown story images, but I had no idea she’d actually be there walking around!

I saved the game and trawled the net for a way to move her back to reunite her with her husband in Pleasantview. I used a relationship cheat so my sim could have Bella move in, then I moved the entire house to Pleasantview. I moved Bella to the Goth residence, made Mortimer young again, and they lived happily ever after.

I decided to do it again when I reinstalled Sims 2 into my PC a few months back… only things didn’t go quite the way I planned.

Sims 2 - Bella Goth portrait

I made this fairly attractive male sim named Vincent le Beau to find her. (Yes, he is named after Remy le Beau; and yes, I usually grab last names from my fandoms when I’m feeling uninspired.)

Sims 2 - male sim laughing at portrait
“This portrait is supposed to, what, summon Bella Goth? LMFAO!”

Our dear would-be rescuer didn’t seem too keen on the idea, though. I didn’t know when Bella would come walking past Vincent’s house, so he got a bit distracted by other things.

Sims 2 - male sim playing the piano
Like his music.
Sims 2 - male sim burning dinner
And his failed attempts at cooking.
Sims 2 - male human sim and female alien sim kissing
And hot alien chicks.

Bella did saunter past Vincent’s house after a few days, and I managed to get them close enough to have her move in. I figured I’d make them go out on a date for a little fun before moving the whole house (with them inside) to Pleasantview. I forgot the name of the club I had them go to, but…

…I do remember them enjoying themselves at the karaoke machine and on the dancefloor! They seemed to like each other’s company so much that I started having second thoughts about giving her back to Mortimer.

Sims 2 - Bella Goth leaving bouquet

Bella apparently enjoyed her date with Vincent so much that she left an entire bouquet of flowers at his doorstep afterward. I normally only get one rose from successful dates, so I figured it was a sign.

Sims 2 - Bella Goth kissing male sim
And they lived happily ever after?

I was still undecided when I moved Bella Goth and Vincent le Beau off to Pleasantview’s Nightlife area, but they looked so darn cute together that I decided not to split them up. Sorry, Morty, but Vincent is keeping Bella for good.

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