1. something that you are a serious fangirl of, or that makes you have a fangirl moment; very squeesome. 2. The act of being a fangirl. 3. a fangirl moment.

Urban Dictionary

This is a blog devoted to fangirly musings. Though we mostly post about games and books, we’re interested in a lot of things, so our topics tend to meander all over the place.

Yes, we know that getting too obsessive about any fandom is dangerous. And yes, we’re aware that a lot of the guys we find to be attractive are fictional. It’s all in good fun.

El's avatarThe Fangirl

El is a copywriter by day and gamer/bookworm by night. She has been described by her significant other as “blunt as a baseball bat with bent nails” because of her brutally honest nature, and is known to fall victim to sudden fits of fangirl raving/raging.

El is interested in a lot of things, including  video games, the realms of fantasy and fiction, art and art history, folkore, and anime. The things that take up most of her free time as of late are mobile games, the Internet in general, and work.


The Contributing Fangirls

Isa avatarIsa

Isa and El graduated with the same degree in Information Design, and were classmates in a lot of their majors. When she asked El to describe her, all she got was “talkative.” Which was then revised to “Isa can keep talking like a highway bus with no brakes.” Suffice to say, Isa has a lot to say about many things.

Isa’s interests are spawned mainly by her love of narratives, good, bad or ugly, so she meanders anywhere a good story can be had. Things that take up most of her time right now are her PS3, ogling strangers, and battling the melodrama of everyday life.


Kaye avatarKaye

In her perfect world, Kaye would be a chef by day, theater actress extraordinaire by night. In reality, Kaye is a former entertainment news writer who has shifted back to being the slave of money. She is currently working as a marketing copywriter to support her wanderlust and fund her chocolate truffle business. She and El are sisters-by-choice-not-by-blood, and according to their former officemates: “SoulmatesRelativesHousematesTwinsiesSingleEntity.”

According to her college friend, she is good at “putting [her] English major-trained way with words to good use” (translation: she’s very blunt and unapologetic). When she is not writing, Facebook stalking, or cooking / munching on delicious food, you will find her singing her lungs out to showtunes, practicing boxing and Muay Thai, or being a couch potato in front of her laptop while catching up on her TV series. Or you won’t find her – she’d be off to some place, and you’ll find out about her travels when she posts the photos once she gets back.


Khryss avatarKhryss

Khryss is a baker and shop owner, moonlighting as a writer. The phrase “small, but terrible” aptly describes her – despite her petite stature, her friends have learned early on not to mess with her.

She graduated with a major in Philosophy. This gives her a broader perspective on things, but it can also be a double-edged sword because she tends to overanalyze everything she reads and watches. She used to work as a full-time web content writer, but gave up working in the corporate world to start her own business. She’s now managing her own café and diner, while also serving as its in-house baker.

For a long time, Khryss hated being called a “fangirl.” But what else would you call her when she obsesses over everything that interests her?

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