The Blog


1. something that you are a serious fangirl of, or that makes you have a fangirl moment; very squeesome. 2. The act of being a fangirl. 3. a fangirl moment.

— Urban Dictionary

This is a blog devoted to my fangirly ravings. It’s been around (on and off) since 2009. I usually post about games here, but I’m interested in a lot of things, so the topics I cover tend to wander all over the place.

And yes, I know that fangirling and going borderline crazy about anything is a potential health hazard, but sometimes you need a little madness to stay sane.

The Fangirl

My name is El, I’m a copywriter by day and gamer/bookworm by night. I’ve been described by my husband as “blunt as a baseball bat with bent nails”, and I have been known to fall victim to sudden fits of fangirl raving/raging. As I’ve mentioned above, I’m interested in a lot of things, including video games, the realms of fantasy and fiction, art, folkore, and anime. Reading, mobile/PC gaming, and Netflix series are my current major pastimes, but I’ve also been dabbling in photography.

The Contributors


Mellie is the geeky friend I wish I had back in high school. We worked together in the same digital agency for 3 years, but our constant geeking out over games, anime, and books makes me feel like I’ve known her for ages. She’s fond of slice-of-life anime, bishies, chibis, cute stuff, sweets, and good food. She also firmly believes that fish are friends, not food.


Isa and I were college classmates, but her intellectual prowess has evolved into something I can barely hold a candle to. She just completed her master’s thesis last year while also working as a research assistant. When I first asked her to contribute to this blog and asked her to write her own blurb, she mentioned that her interests “are spawned mainly by her love of narratives, good, bad or ugly, so she meanders anywhere a good story can be had.”


Kaye and I were officemates back in 2012-2014, and we’ve been close friends ever since. She’s currently working as a digital marketing writer while also taking on freelancing gigs, all for the sake of gathering funds to sate her constant wanderlust. She’s beauty, brains, and brawn all rolled into one; she’s a great singer and a fantastic cook, and she can probably kick your butt in boxing/Muay Thai.


Khryss was also one of my officemates (along with Kaye) back in 2012-2013. She’s pretty much the living, breathing definition of “small but terrible” – she’s a spirited, hot-tempered, go-getting writer who loves traveling (to Japan in particular), reading, and collecting manga. She actually hates being called a “fangirl”, but I’m hoping I can bring her over to the dark side convince her that being a fangirl really isn’t so bad.