The Blog


1. something that you are a serious fangirl of, or that makes you have a fangirl moment; very squeesome. 2. The act of being a fangirl. 3. a fangirl moment.

— Urban Dictionary

This is a blog devoted to my fangirly ravings. It’s been around (on and off) since 2009. I usually post about games here, but I’m interested in a lot of things, so the topics I cover tend to wander all over the place.

The Fangirl


I’m an advertising & marketing professional by day and gamer/bookworm/tarot reader by night. I try to be chill, but I have been known to fall victim to sudden fits of fangirl raving or raging. I’m interested in LOTS of things, including video games, books, art, tarot, folkore, and anime. Reading, PC gaming, Netflix series, tarot reading, and playing with our two cats are my current major pastimes.

The Contributing Fans


Anthea says she is “the most antagonistic people-pleasing Libra to walk Makati”, which is quite true. With an unhealthy obsession for folklore and an acute fear of dialogue, this fictionist with a dark humor writes morally questionable stories. She claims to have the attention deficit of a fruit fly, and her interests cover a wide range of things—from anime to rap, political commentary, and more.


Kaye and I were officemates back in 2012-2014, and we’ve been close friends ever since. She’s beauty, brains, and brawn all rolled into one; she’s a brilliant writer, a great singer, a talented make-up artist, and a fantastic cook… and she can probably kick your butt in boxing/Muay Thai.


Khryss was also one of my officemates (along with Kaye) back in 2012-2013. She’s the living, breathing definition of “small but terrible” – a spirited, hot-tempered, go-getting writer who loves traveling (to Japan in particular), reading, and collecting manga. She actually hates being called a “fangirl”, but I’m still hoping I can convince her that it really isn’t so bad.


Mel is the geeky friend I wish I had back in high school. We worked together in the same digital agency for 3 years, but our constant geeking out over games, anime, and books makes me feel like I’ve known her for ages. She’s fond of slice-of-life anime, bishies, chibis, cute stuff, sweets, and good food. She also firmly believes that fish are friends, not food.


Paolo mainly subsists on caffeine and toddlers’ leftovers but claims he would do “unspeakable things” for a proper steak. He is currently enslaved employed as a copywriter, but he often wonders if he could otherwise make a living dancing on grapes in some faraway vineyard. He has a fondness for the awkward, absurd, and alliterative.