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Here’s a list of anime, game, movie, and J-Pop, OPM, and other lyrics/translations that can be found on Fangirlisms.

Each song’s romanized lyrics and English translations can be found in their respective “Translation” pages. Songs written in languages that use special characters (e.g. Japanese, Chinese, Thai) also have a separate page for the lyrics as written in their original language, plus romanized lyrics.

Songs by Series/Film/Album and Song Title

Ana to Yuki no Joou
(Frozen Japanese)
"Let It Go~Ari no Mama de" - pop versionJapaneseTranslation
"Let It Go~Ari no Mama de" - movie versionJapaneseTranslation
Bing xue qi yuan
(Frozen Mandarin)
"Suí tā ba" (Let It Go)Mandarin/PinyinTranslation
Baby Esther single by Kyle DionBaby EstherLyrics
Boys Be"Memoria" (insert song)Japanese
Claymore Intimate Persona"Doukoku" (Helen image song)Japanese
"Eien" (Sophia image song)Japanese
"Gen'ei" (Miria image song)Japanese
"Kioku" (Clare image song)Japanese
"Hangyaku" (Galatea image song)Japanese
"Henbou" (Priscilla image song)Japanese
"Kakusei" (Deneve image song)Japanese
"Shippu" (Irene image song)Japanese
"Tensei" (Teresa image song)JapaneseTranslation
"Zouo" (Ophelia image song)Japanese
Color Change! (Crystal Kay album)"ONE"Japanese
"Namida no Saki ni"Japanese
Flame of Recca"Zutto Kimi no Soba de" (2nd ED theme)JapaneseTranslation
Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex O.S.T. 2"I Do"Translation
Le Chevalier D'Eon"BORN" (OP theme)JapaneseTranslation
Minami-Ke"Kare no Yousei" (Hosaka insert song)JapaneseTranslation
NOTRE DAME no Kane (The Hunchback of Notre Dame Japanese)"God Help"JapaneseTranslation
Pà-jon pai daen kam sàap raa-chí-nee hì-má (Frozen Thai)"Bplòi man bpai" / "Let It Go"ThaiTranslation
Persona 4 OST"Backside of the TV"Lyrics
"Heartbeat, Heartbreak"Lyrics
"Pursuing My True Self"Lyrics
"Never More"Japanese
"Reach Out for Truth"Lyrics
"Signs of Love"Lyrics
"Your Affection"Lyrics
Rival Schools / Shiritsu Justice Gakuen: Legion of Heroes"Atsuki Kodou" (OP theme)Japanese
Rurouni Kenshin (live-action film)"The Beginning"Japanese
Sousei no Aquarion"Sousei no Aquarion" (OP theme)JapaneseTranslation
Step 2/4
(Ga-In album)
Dorikil Su Eopneun (Irreversible)KoreanTranslation
(the OYSTARS album)
"Zutto Kimi no Soba de" (Original/male version)JapaneseTranslation
Hatsune Miku (no album)"Black Rock Shooter"Japanese
Probably Not But Most Definitely
(Imago album)
Pretty MeLyrics

About Fangirlisms Lyrics and Translations

We currently do not take on translation requests.

The available translations are done by both El and Dwight. Since Dwight is more familiar with the Japanese language, he does the base translations and points out the nuances that a non-native speaker would normally miss. El does some basic translation on her own (while occasionally consulting Shiro), and edits the basic English translations to get them as close to the original intention/context/meaning of the Japanese lyrics as possible.

You might encounter some translations that might make you say “Wait, doesn’t this word mean ____? It says so in the dictionary,” but you have to remember that the idea is to get as close to the context/meaning as possible, and that doesn’t necessarily mean translating the words literally. That’s the beauty (and the challenge) of translating lyrics. :p

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