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A Game of Thrones Pilot Script

A Game of Thrones first edition cover

Lex of A TV Calling has the script for the pilot episode of HBO’s upcoming Game of Thrones TV series up for download this week. Click here to access the post and download it for yourself!

[Edit: The script is no longer up for download, and I have no intention of sharing it without consent! Please look elsewhere for the script.]

I just got around to reading it this morning, and I think that David Benioff did a terrific job so far. The script stays true to the book even though some alterations were made and some scenes/dialogue were added. Some of the dialogue has been shortened or cut, of course, but I don’t believe that any of it was detrimental to the story.

One added scene was of Tyrion and Jaime Lannister having a conversation at a brothel. I like that it actually shows the closeness between Jaime and Tyrion, which wasn’t much emphasized in the book at first. It also shows that Jaime has some natural wit in his system; the book gave me the impression that he was all brawn and good-looks with little to no brains.

The other added scene was Ned Stark and Jaime having a bit of a confrontation at Winterfell. It was interesting to see the contrast between the two characters, and I think it’s beneficial to those who have not read the books to have some source of background information on Jaime without being whisked away into a flashback sequence or a boring historical account of who he is.

They also aged a lot of the characters; for example, Robb Stark and Jon Snow are seventeen as opposed to being fifteen in the books, Viserys Targaryen is twenty instead of fifteen, and Daenerys Targaryen is fifteen as opposed to thirteen. Personally, I’m really happy that they decided to do that, given that the stuff that happens to them might be more shocking (and potentially traumatizing) for a lot of viewers if Benioff stuck to their original ages.

There isn’t any news about casting just yet; only that Benioff and the rest of the crew working on the series have encouraged fans to suggest actors/actresses for the roles over at the Westeros forums. That, and an “untested source” stated that it’s highly likely that Peter Dinklage (who starred as Trumpkin in Prince Caspian), will be playing the role of Tyrion Lannister.

I’ve been anticipating this mini-series for a while now, and seeing the actual script makes me even more excited.

Image shown is a scanned image of the 2002 edition A Game of Thrones, published by Bantam HC. Taken from the Cover Art Gallery section of George R. R. Martin’s official website.

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    1. Well…of course it’s down, I said that it was “up for download this week”, and this post was made in February. 😐 I don’t know of any other download link, sorry!

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