A screencap of Aurora and Philip in Disney's Sleeping Beauty


A screencap of Aurora and Philip in Disney's Sleeping Beauty
(Image from Animation Screencaps)

Prince Philippe: When will I see you again?

Aurora: Oh never, never!

Prince Philippe: Never?

Aurora: Well, maybe someday!

Prince Philippe: When? Tomorrow?

Aurora: Oh, no! This evening!

El: *facepalms*

Don’t get me wrong, I adore Sleeping Beauty actually, I adore Maleficent, but let’s not go there; it only recently dawned on me how *FACEPALM* worthy the dialogue is.

And Maleficent’s laughter is still epic. I really need to get a .wav/.mp3 file of it to use as a message alert tone on my phone.

3 thoughts on “OH DISNEY.

    1. I totally agree on that answer being unexpected…ESPECIALLY since she’s a teenager raised in the woods by three old fairies! XD

      And you’re right about it being timeless; it’s just really one of those Disney classics that one never grows out of, no matter how old one is or how much one starts to snicker at the outdated dialogue. 🙂

      Oh I love what you’ve written, and your screenshots are awesome! I think I’ll be adding you to my Blogroll; I hope you don’t mind. 😀

      1. I have not grown out of it yet, and I have seen many moons. 😉

        Thank you for the kind words. I spent some time on that Sleeping Beauty take.

        I certainly appreciate being added to your roll.

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