A Dance with Dragons book cover
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George R. R. Martin at Montreal Worldcon

A Dance with Dragons book cover

Matthew Surridge of Montreal Gazette interviewed George R. R. Martin at the Anticipation, the 67th Worldcon, and an mp3 file of the interview is available here. He and Martin talk about A Dance with Dragons, the HBO Game of Thrones pilot, and Martin’s career in general.

Fans who are itching to know when A Dance with Dragons is coming out will be disappointed that Martin still doesn’t mention the book’s release date, but at least he mentions that the manuscript is already past 1000 pages long.

On a personal note, I’m content to know that the book is progressing nicely and will patiently wait for the release like a good little fangirl even though I’m honestly dying to read it. I just wish some other fans would exercise the same patience and stop whining to Neil Gaiman, or whoever else whiny fans whine to. As Neil Gaiman so wisely put it, “George R. R. Martin is not your bitch.”

Interviews and whiny fans aside, rumors have also been circulating that the role of Dany in the HBO pilot has already been cast, but Martin himself refutes it on his LJ. He also mentions in the same entry that the hotel that he and some other science fiction and fantasy writers were partying at threw some of them out for “talking too loud”, and that fans only had access to one of the hotel’s elevators because the rest were reserved for their “real guests”. 😐

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